Mantel Styling Tips

We challenged bloggers to style a mantel in 30 seconds. See what they did and get their smart tips for decorating a mantel.

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Our Innovation Home

Have you ever wanted to unlock your door with a fingerprint? Control the indoor and outdoor lights with your phone? You can do those things and more with a smart home. We show you how to get a home with connected technology and remote-operated devices that are designed to improve and simplify your life. We sift through the many options, including smart appliances, new apps, and smartphone and tablet innovation, and only bring you those that can make your life better. We give you tips and tricks for navigating the new home technologies and help you with buying decisions.

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Dream Decorating Decade

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Fab Fall Finds

Get your home ready for fall with these cozy decorative accents!

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No-Sew Pillows

No need for a needle and thread with these easy no-sew pillow projects. Use transfer paper, buttons, and beyond to create easy statement pillows without the hassle of sewing.

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Room Arranging Made Easy

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Give any room in your home a boost with beautiful window treatments. Learn the basics of window dressing including what types of window treatments work best for specific types of windows. Get inspired by gorgeous ideas for valances, drapes, curtains, shades, and more. Discover new types of window treatments and expand your window treatment vocabulary with terms from our glossary, such as "box-pleat valance" or "Roman shade" or "balloon shade." The type of fabric used in window treatments is just as important as the treatment's design itself, and window treatments come in all kinds of different materials -- from sheer voile panels to bamboo shades to douppioni silk draperies. Window treatments serve several purposes: They dress up windows, provide privacy, and control how much natural light is brought in to a room. Dressing your windows to achieve all three of these purposes is easy with our helpful tips and advice. Plus, get tips on how to hang and install window treatments with advice on what height to hang curtains, panels, or drapes and how best to install window treatments to ensure your windows will look their best.

The Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments

Have trouble choosing the right window treatments? Let us help you find the...

Window Treatment Styles

Pick the right treatments for your windows. Get to know the available options ...

Window Treatments for Tricky Doors

Just like windows, doors with views to the outside world need to be dressed....

How to Hang Curtains

Make hanging curtains easy with our tips and tricks for measuring and...

Four Bay Window Treatment Ideas that Work

Bay windows are an architectural treat. They have a graceful feel and let in...

Kitchen Window Treatments

In a room as functional as a kitchen, which is packed with metal appliances an...

Single Window Treatment Ideas

Here's how to give a lone window its due with smart window treatments.

Drapery Header Styles

Take a look at some of these traditional and innovative drapery styles. You're...

Window Treatment Ideas: Curtains and Drapes

Find a tapestry design that suits your room's practical and aesthetic needs...

All About Drapes

Drapes are curtain panels that literally "drape" the window. Typically, they...

Sliding-Door Window Treatments

Sliding doors bring many advantages to a room, offering quick access outside...

Window Treatment Ideas for Corner Windows

Here are some great ideas for windows that settle into the corner of a room.

Trends in Window Treatment Hardware

Think thin! See what's new in window treatment hardware, including oh-so-thin...

Bedroom Window Treatments: Hardware & Hanging Ideas

Add a stylish touch to your bedroom with distinctive window treatment hardware...

Arched Window Treatment Ideas

Arched windows are a delight -- until you try to cover them. Here are several...

6 Ways Window Treatments Can Make Your Living Room Better

The window treatments you choose go a long way toward giving your living room...

Bedroom Window Treatments

Window treatments are decorative assets, but in a bedroom -- where privacy is...

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Find the window treatment style that is best for your bathroom.

Buying and Hanging Curtain Panels

Readily available and affordable curtain panels make updating your windows eas...

Ideas for Multiple Windows

Windows don't only stand solo, but often come in pairs, trios, or greater...

Top Tips for Drapery & Curtain Care

Maintain the quality of your curtains and drapes with these cleaning and care...

Bedroom Window Treatments: Cornices and Valances

Top your bedroom window treatments with cornices or valances for a polished...

Window Treatment Ideas: 4 Solutions for a Sliding Door

Add flair to your ordinary sliding door by giving it a cheerful and colorful...

Best Window Treatments

Learn how to choose the best window treatments for your home with these tips...

Window Shades: Tips and Tricks

Learn about the different types of window shades and how to decide what window...


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