Tin Wizardry

Don't contain your enthusiasm for these adaptable containers.
Style Chameleon

From tiny galvanized buckets to sleek French flower cans, tin is in. And it's a great backdrop for showing off your skill with everything from paint to decoupage. Best of all, each of these tin containers costs less than $12. So gather your supplies and work a little magic this weekend.

Tin vessels adapt to almost any style. We've assembled a collection of four sure-to-please projects to show off tin's versatility:

  • Finished with cutouts from traditional wallpaper borders, our Bucket of Blooms urn looks great on a mantel.
  • Splashed with acrylic paint, our Diamond Play tin is perfect for corraling a collection of small items.
  • Take an urn-shaped tin container, then decorate it with gold leaf to craft the elegant Stars and Stripes vase.
  • Festooned with wire-wrapped stones and filled with leaves, Nature's Bounty is a celebration of Fall.

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