The Screen Porch

Screen porches can add a light and airy living space to any house. Check out the one we designed to deliver casual living at its best.

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Screen porches are a Southern tradition and a boon to casual living anywhere. They keep out insects, increase privacy, and let you enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is drizzly. Our screen porch is designed to deliver all these benefits, as well as a beautiful space.

The porch sits atop a foundation and deck structure. To frame the porch, we first removed an entire deck railing structure and strapped new 4x4 posts to the structural posts below. We also replaced the decking with 1x4 tongue-and-groove pine flooring, which fits together snugly to keep insects out. For a textural look and structural strength, we finished the porch roof with grooved plywood siding.

To ensure an uncluttered view of the yard, our porch features large openings and minimal framework. Rather than stapling the screening to porch framing-a method typically used for porches-we used the Screen Tight porch screening system, in which the screening material is gripped in special tracks attached to the exterior framing. The continuous fit helps prevent the wind from loosening the screen. An outdoor-grade vinyl cap hides the track and provides a low-maintenance cladding for the exterior. Once the screening was in place, we reinstalled the rail grilles inside the porch for design interest.

Having a pair of skylights near the house lets sunshine flow onto the porch and into the house through the original French doors. White-pa inted woodwork gives the porch, which rises to a height of 12 feet at the house, a light, airy look and helps bounce light into the home's interiors. A ceiling fan supplements natural breezes.