Summer Style

Let summer blossom in every room in your home.
A Summery First Impression

Whether you want to decorate with summer style year-round or just want to give the house a light, fresh makeover when warm breezes blow, here are some inspiring ideas for every room in your house. We'll start with porches, then step inside to offer ideas for your living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, and more.


Sweep away the dead leaves and toss out those rotten jack-o'-lanterns, it's time to get the porch ready for summer. Even if your exterior space is only a cement stoop, there are plenty of things you can do to make it stylish and comfortable.

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Start your exterior decorating by giving the front door a new coat of paint. A summery color, such as this leaf green hue, immediately brightens the spirits. Use a weather-ready exterior paint for wood doors and a paint that adheres to metal for steel doors and metal screen doors.

If your eyes would rather be focused on the kids playing in the yard or the comings and goings on the street, turn old-fashioned rockers or another comfortable seating piece, such as a wicker sofa, to face the activity. Be sure to provide plenty of tables for drinks and snacks. And give the space life and color with potted plants.

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