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A Bold Quilt Room

A husband and wife create a hobby space to spark their creativity.


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    • A Quilter's Paradise

      Two modern artists who love and live quilting have a whole room devoted to their passion. Bill Kerr and his wife, Weeks Ringle, design fabrics and create beautiful quilts in a room outfitted to meet all their needs.

    • Dynamic Designing Duo

      Husband and wife team Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle have built up a successful quilting and fabric design business, FunQuilts. The couple also hosts workshops and camps. Their bright, colorful workshop is a reflection of their artistry.

    • Organized and Inspirational

      In any hobby room, organization is a must. Metal mesh baskets corral fabric while keeping them visible. The long counter serves as a workspace. To keep your creative ideas flowing, include a design board in your hobby area. A wall-to-wall bulletin board is the perfect place to display color swatches, sketches, and inspirational pieces.

    • Display Your Works

      Bill and Weeks display one of their quilts as a wall-hanging. The quilt speaks to their finely honed skills and design expertise as quilters. In your own hobby space, show off your creations. They are a reminder of your accomplishments and can be an inspiration for current projects.

    • Especially for You

      The spacious hobby room is outfitted with sturdy oak tables. The simple tables are dressed up with hand-painted chairs. Adding personal touches will make your hobby space your own.

    • Space for Everything

      Spacious hobby rooms are hard to come by. But if you are adding a hobby space or remodeling to create one, plan carefully. Ensure you have enough space for all of your equipment and adequate work surfaces. Bill and Weeks' projects require a 14-foot-long sewing machine. Furniture is kept far away from the machine, giving the quilter plenty of space to work.

    • It's a Zoo

      Bill and Weeks have brought these blankets to life with wildlife. The animal quilting motifs are a fun finish for their creations.

    • Beyond Quilts

      In addition to quilting, Bill and Weeks have designed more than 100 fabrics. Some are colorful and bright, while others are muted tone-on-tone prints.

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