Simple Solutions: Repurpose Household Items for Organization

Find new uses for old household items. Boost comfort and organization in your home with these easy DIY projects that use items you probably already have.

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Tackle Tangles
Tackle Tangles

    Preserve jewelry and prevent tangles and scratches by sorting pieces into bags. Label and organize in a clear recipe-card holder for an easy DIY jewelry box.

Hang Together

    Minimize the chaos and clutter of power cords by clinching them together with a small hair clip. If needed, use more than one clip to keep cords under control behind a console, entertainment center, or computer.

Separate in Style

    Snatch a few clips from your home office and use the handy helpers to hold matching napkins together. When it's time to dress the table, you can grab the color and number of napkins you need without a frantic search.

Visible Storage

    Store your shoes in easy-to-see clear plastic boxes for a clutter-free closet and hassle-free morning.

Shoe Lover Storage

    For a low-cost alternative for shoe storage, reuse original shoe boxes and cover them with decorative paper to create streamlined shoe storage. Attach a picture of the shoes to the front of the box to help you find your favorite pair.

Keep 'Em Snug

    Secure cord bundles with stretchable bands designed to slip around baby bottles and sippy cups. Bands can be customized with any text, including information about cord length and usage.

Stand Up Straight

    Use fabric scraps to make weighted pouches to use as cute bookends. Cut two rectangles of fabric and place the right sides together. Sew around the edges, leaving a small opening. Turn the pouch right side out and fill with sand. Sew the opening closed. This technique can be used for a doorstop, too. Simply use larger squares of fabric and more sand.

Hanging Out

    Install a streamlined paper towel holder over a nightstand or dressing table to show off colorful necklaces and bracelets. The wall-mount unit keeps jewelry attractively displayed and reduces the risk of a haphazard jumble of necklaces to untangle.

Crafty Compartments

    Fashion your own budget-friendly drawer dividers with simple items found around the kitchen. Silicone muffin cups and a repurposed egg crate organize small items such as pencils, rubber bands, tacks, paper clips, and keys.

Ledge Logic

    When space is at a premium, call the front of a shelf into office duty. Here, stenciled letters designate days of the week, and repositionable clips hold reminders and to-dos for that day of the week.

Prevent Mess

    Nix the water puddles that are inherent with snowy and rainy weather. Dry shoes by resting them on metal cooling racks inside a large plastic tray in the mudroom or entry room.

Can Do

    Wrap metal containers in pretty paper and fill with pens, pencils, and markers. Use extra-strong neodymium magnets to hold the containers in place on a mesh panel, or store them on top of your desk.

Handle Space

    Use hardware handles to turn tight spaces inside a closet into storage for hanging ties and scarves. Gently knot scarves after hanging to keep them from slipping to the ground.

Stash Supplies

    When a lack of bathroom counter space has you backed into a disorganized corner, call on your walls for storage relief. Hang a bucket from a hook, mounted next to the sink, to corral supplies in a bathroom lacking storage space.

School Smarts

    Help yourself, your child, and his or her teacher keep track of important papers. A clear zipper bag connected to a backpack with a carabiner makes notes and field trip money easy to spot.

Winning Idea

    Stop misplacing board game pieces and make setup a cinch by organizing cards, dice, markers, and other accessories in individual bags.

Battery Packs

    Fill coin purses with a single size of rechargeable batteries. Carry them along with on-the-go devices such as digital cameras, flashlights, and media players.


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