Kitchen Cabinets = Kids' Room Storage

See how basic kitchen cabinets create fun and functional storage in two kids' rooms.

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    Stylish Built-Ins

    Create a dresser and toy chest from base cabinets intended for use in the kitchen. Make the unit look as if it were made for the bedroom by choosing pullout baskets, see-through fronts, and open shelving. Here, fruit and veggie bins offer see-through storage for toys and linens.

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    Clothes Rack

    Corral pint-size clothing in cabinets, which are the perfect height and width for these items. Changing the cabinet hardware also makes these cabinets bedroom-worthy.

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    Changing Table

    A clever kitchen island turns into a portable changing dresser. The countertop is the ideal width for a changing table, and the doors keep the diapers and other supplies out of sight.

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    Extra Seating

    Create a window seat from a long, low cabinet (check out units designed to go above refrigerators). The bench also provides storage for toys, blankets, and bedding.

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    Kid-Space Solutions

    This ultimate kid's room features a twin bed custom-built to tuck in under a bank of windows, leaving more floor space for play. Basic home-center cabinets (embellished with turquoise ceramic knobs) surround the twin bed as built-in dressers.

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    Underbed Storage

    A wide underbed drawer holds toys now but can be outfitted with a mattress for sleepovers later.

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    Bedside Storage

    Close to the twin bed, a bank of apothecary drawers offers snug storage for small toys, jewelry, and hair accessories.

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    Closet Makeover

    French bifold doors and built-in storage units give a once awkward closet style and function. A window seat offers a quiet spot to perch, while parallel rods double the hanging potential for clothes.

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    Wired for Storage

    Inside the closet, color-coded fabric-lined wire baskets include labels to encourage young ones to learn organization.

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    Built-In Ideas

    Colorful, inexpensive plastic bins and wide drawers help keep items organized. See-through cabinet doors make it easy to put things away in the right place.

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    Kitchen Space

    Floating shelves with buckets in the pint-size kitchen space invite sorting games, while the appliances themselves offer storage space for dishes and other toys.

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