Bedroom Storage Solutions

These easy bedroom storage solutions can help turn a cluttered, busy space into a calming refuge that is perfect for reading, relaxing, and sleeping.

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Sitting + Storage

    An end-of-the-bed bench is a plus for any bedroom. Its slender construction is suitable for even small bedrooms. And a storage-packed bench, such as this one, pulls double duty. Baskets slide into the compartments and are great for storing books and extra linens. The cushy top is the perfect perch for putting on your socks and shoes in the morning. To make your own bench, use an open-back bookcase; turn it on its side and attach bun feet, one at each corner, to the bottom. For a finishing touch, throw on a coat or two of paint.

Storage Pairings

    Boost your bedroom's storage with an extra dresser. You can easily turn mismatched or secondhand dressers into a pair by painting them each the same color. For even more stylish continuity, put matching knobs on the dressers.

Storage Headboard

    For small bedrooms, consider multifunction furniture pieces, such as this headboard. With the bed positioned in front of the built-in, it functions as a headboard while retaining its storage space. Wall sconces provide bedside light and eliminate the need for nightstands to place bulky lamps on.

Underbed Storage

    Beneath the bed is the go-to place for storing out-of-season clothing and extra linens. Keep dust bunnies away from what's stored under your bed with shallow canvas boxes. These smart containers have clear plastic sides, keeping the contents visible.

Furniture for Storage

    A stately secretary adds dimension to this light and airy bedroom and also contributes plenty of storage. Drawers hold bedside necessities (books, tissues, etc.) and the desk portion serves as a nightstand. Scout out flea markets and antiques stores for secretaries, which also work well as linen cabinets.

Bedside Desk

    Desks aren't just for offices. Introduce one into your bedroom and use it as a nightstand and makeup vanity.

Wall-Mount Bedside Shelf

    When organizing your bedroom, a great place to start is the bedside table. If yours is a jumble of books, medicine bottles, and empty water glasses, take steps to ensure a more calming before-bed spot. Start by storing just the bare necessities--an alarm clock, light, and single book or magazine. Another lesson from this savvy setup: Get that nightstand off the floor. Mount a shelf on the wall, as shown here, or integrate it into your headboard. You'll give yourself an out-of-the-way spot for storage baskets that hold books and magazines.

Storage for Kids

    Cubbyholes grow up and adapt to tween and teen storage needs. Square baskets fit into the cubbies of this wall shelving unit and give everything a concealed storage spot. Upper cubes provide display space within the same unit.

Underbed Seasonal Storage

    If you have an old dresser languishing in the basement or crates stashed in the garage, adapt them for underbed storage. These white pullout drawers are perfect for hiding holiday and seasonal decorations, as well as out-of-season clothing. Attach a set of casters to drawers or other containers to make them easy to slide, and add pulls to give you something to grab. Many plastic storage containers also will fit beneath your bed frame. Just make sure to track where you store any long-term items.

Bedside Basket

    Use a large wicker trunk to store extra pillows or linens. Personalize the piece with a trendy monogram. To keep linens smelling fresh, tuck in a sachet or two.

Mobile Storage Unit

    These simple white cubes provide ample display and storage space. The modest, nonbulky configuration -- with wheels for mobility -- can easily fit into most dormitory rooms, serving as a spot to display college collectibles and stash textbooks.

Relocated Credenza

    Usually relegated to dining rooms, a credenza proves just as useful in a bedroom. Top the unit with pretty accessories or a jewelry box. Add a lamp and hang a mirror above the credenza to create a beautiful dressing table. The inside can hold anything from books to purses.

Day-by-Day Clothes Organizer

    For the ultimate clothing organization system, sort clothes for each day of the week and stow them in cute labeled drawers.

Hooked on Storage

    Run out of storage space in your jewelry box? Use hooks mounted on the side of a dresser or wall. Hang the hooks sideways (so the hook is parallel to the floor) so you can hang more jewelry from your new storage solution.

More Drawers

    Love keeping a library of books by your bed? Try a bedside table with multiple shallow drawers to house volumes of your favorite nighttime reads. Reserve the top drawer for a TV remote, cough drops, and lotion.

Sitting Storage

    In your bedroom sitting area, add a trunklike ottoman to store linens and extra blankets. Pick a piece with a durable fabric so you can get comfortable and put your feet up while reading a book or sipping on morning coffee.

Unconventional Storage

    Don't dismiss an unusual storage unit as unusable. This part bookcase, part dresser is a perfect addition to any bedroom for storing books on the upper shelf and pretty boxes on the deeper lower shelf.

Small-Space Storage

    When there's no space for a nightstand, substitute a recessed wall niche for bedside storage. Carve out space between wall studs, drywall the niche, and install shelves for books and other bedside necessities.

Headboard Storage

    For a sleek and modern look, look for a hybrid unit that combines a headboard with bedside storage. The ledge of the headboard is perfect for displaying lamps to read by, and the cubbies are fitting for books.

Multipurpose Storage

    If you find your bedroom houses more than linens and clothing and there's a pileup of paper, magazines, and photos, employ office storage solutions for these extras. Fabric-covered boxes with lids and magazine holders keep everything well-organized while presenting a pretty front.

Timeless Armoires

    Tried-and-true bedroom storage units such as armoires remain popular for a pointed reason. A tall handsome armoire is a decorative addition to any style of bedroom and can be called upon to store just about anything, from a bedroom TV to linens, clothing, and accessories.

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