Order in the House

The house is a mess, and you're in distress! But you can escape the chaos of clutter. Here's how to take control of four troublesome storage zones and reclaim your peace of mind.
Home Office
desk overall

Whether at home or in corporate cubicle land, an efficient, clutter-free office space is essential to bringing a bit of sanity to your day. Let storage components climb the walls, and rearrange your space so regularly used supplies are accessible and others are out of the way.

hanging files

The "handle it once" rule keeps papers from piling up. Immediately toss, file, or pass on paperwork rather than revisiting it later. Labeled hanging files are one way to organize papers up and out of the way.

paper organization on desk

Organize mail, so it's processed daily, and consider responding via phone or e-mail when it's quicker than traditional post. A dedicated peg for receipts and a pen on a chain mean those items won't easily go missing.

organized drawer

Keep work surfaces tidy by stashing office supplies out of sight. Choose small-scale tape dispensers, staplers, and pencil sharpeners and such, because full-size ones hog more space and often don't fit in drawers.

office supplies storage in jars

Stored by the batch and easy to snatch, clips, bands, and miscellaneous bits claim untapped territory. Spice jars, secured with commercial grade hook-and-loop tape under cabinets, do the trick.

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