Clever Ways to Store Clothing Accessories

Jewelry, belts, shoes, and purses are the favorites of any wardrobe, but the odd shapes require special storage solutions. See how hooks, boxes, bookcases, and more can solve this tricky problem.

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Corner Clothes Rack

    A rotating stainless-steel clothing rack maximizes corner closet space. Horizontal rods take advantage of the overhead area, yet pull down for easy access. Expand the closet's function by adding a second closet rod for hanging clothes or adjusting the height of an existing one to allow for storage above or below. Determine where to place the rod by measuring the drop of the longest garment.

Storage with a View

    Woolen sweaters, shawls, and loosely knit items keep their shape better and last longer when stored folded in cedar-lined drawers or boxes, safe from pests and the environment. Sweater boxes with acrylic windows are ideal. What's stored can be seen without your having to rifle through multiple drawers. This box fits under the bed, but you can also stack several on shelves or on the floor.

Hats Off

    Why exile most of the colorful items to the back of a closet when there is a bare wall begging for personality? Softly padded hooks can be used to hang hats. They won't lead to misshapen straw, fabric, or felt. Change the display with the seasons.

Jewelry Savers

    Jewelry has its own place in the closet. Small drawers are perfect for organizing hair accessories, cosmetics, and jewelry. Also, you can fit several drawers in a small amount of space, such as between wall studs, below a cabinet, or sandwiched between the mirror and countertop. Adding keyed locks provides extra security for gems, keepsakes, and other valuables.

Divide and Conquer

    Fill the compartments of several small art-supply trays with necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. If necessary, organize the space inside the drawers by creating wooden or acrylic partitions. To ensure a good fit, measure the length, depth, and width of the largest item you plan to store before dividing the drawer. To prevent necklaces and bracelets from tangling, store the chains in clearly labeled velvet or anti-tarnish bags so you can determine the contents at a glance.

Double Duty

    A collection of antique trunks or colorful hatboxes can be put on display. Fill the interiors with items that you use only occasionally, such as sports caps, hosiery, belts, or scarves. These vintage suitcases keep purses handy and add a touch of color to the artful arrangement.

Glide On

    Deniece Schofield, author of Confessions of an Organized Homemaker, says glide-out units make it easier to choose accessories by retrieving and replacing items in a one-step motion. The goal is to minimize barriers so everything can be reached with ease.

Fit to Be Tied

    Whether hidden behind cabinet doors or attached to a wall inside a walk-in closet, retractable tie and belt holders can keep a plethora of long and narrow items neat and tidy within a small amount of space. Choose a combination of holders to match the number and type of items you plan to store, allowing enough openings for acquisitions. The holders are also great for scarves, necklaces, and small purses.

Sock Gridlock

    Rambunctious socks can't go astray when the drawer is divided into neat sections just right for one pair. This plastic grid adjusts to fit various drawer sizes. Other options include spring-loaded metal dividers or interlocking boxes.

On a Roll

    Clear acrylic trays designed to organize office supplies or kitchen utensils can bring beautiful order to your hosiery drawer.

Heel and Toehold

    The shoe-storage tower outside the closet's main entry spins for retail-quality visuals and easy access. Consider retrofitting your own closet with over-the-door shoe racks, slanted shelving, wall-mounted shoe racks, or hanging shoe holders.

Reach New Heights

    Clear vinyl shoe bags hang on a door in minutes and can be quickly cut with scissors to fit any closet's dimensions. Shoe bags are also a great way to store rolled-up belts, gloves, purses, and other accessories.

Platform Drawers

    Instead of spending money on a box spring, consider making or purchasing a platform bed complete with storage drawers and shoe cubbies. In addition to offering firm support, this custom-made wooden bed base holds 10 storage drawers and shoe cubbies, five on each side, plus two small retractable shelves near the bed's head that keep books, remote controls, and radios within easy reach. No need for a clunky dresser when everything slides neatly under the bed.

Spare Change

    If your closets don't offer adequate storage, consider creating a swanky closet out of a rarely used spare room. Hanging rods and open shelves line the walls. A new island provides a convenient drawer-filled place for folding and packing clothes. The wall opposite the island stores nearly a hundred shoes, all neatly stacked in clear acrylic shoeboxes. High storage is reserved for less frequently used items.

Counter Space

    Storage experts recommend creating a landing pad to corral items that are regularly taken into and out of a room, such as jewelry, purses, and keys. This storage peninsula provides layers of space to handle such objects. The glass topper keeps special items on display without blocking the view to items below.

Efficiency Dream

    Design the walk-in closet as any other room in your house -- for function and comfort. First take inventory of practical needs. Where will you put a hamper, wastebasket, and full-length mirror? This closet features a pullout hamper that can be carried to the laundry room and tilted shelves for shoes. The tall pullout mirror tucks into a sliver of space.


    Labeled pullout drawers are an easy storage solution. The drawers prevent clutter, keep everything within reach, and allow you to see what you have without your having to open drawers all over the room.

For Everything Else

    Lidded cardboard boxes or clear storage containers in various sizes and shapes can be filled with clusters of similar accessories. Affix removable labels so you know each box's contents.

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