10 Tips for Living Room Storage

Cut clutter in your living room with these 10 easy tips for storage and organization.

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    Integrate with Your Decor

    Hide clutter by integrating storage with your decorating style. Corral odds and ends into containers that flow with your style, such as wicker baskets for cottage-theme spaces, colorful metal bins for contemporary living rooms, or carved wood boxes for traditional rooms.

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    Built-In Storage

    Splurge on a bank of built-ins for optimal storage. Mix and match fronts for a varied look. Consider glass-front doors, open shelves, and basic paneled doors and drawers to make built-ins feel less massive in a living room.

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    Tuck It Away

    If your living room hosts both playdates and coffee dates, hide the evidence of the former with oversize baskets and hampers. Round up toys and books into the containers and tuck behind a couch or chair during grown-up events, allowing for easy access during the next play session.

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    Keep Books Orderly

    Give presence to shelves of books with decorative objects. Place pretty bowls, jars, or statuary between rows of books to keep them upright and to add panache to utilitarian storage.

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    On the Go

    For projects or items that move from room to room, invest in easy-to-carry baskets with sturdy handles. Stock a basket with your reading materials or your current craft project so you can be on the go and have everything in one place.

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    Seamless Storage

    Make your storage look like the rest of your decor, and you’ll have a hard time telling the difference between hardworking organization and the living room’s design style. Use boxes and bins that mesh with your living room’s color scheme or an ottoman that coordinates with the sofa’s upholstery.

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    Lost & Found

    Give each family a designated bin for the living room. When one of their possessions is left in the room, simply slide it into the bin. Then, when the bin is full, it’s that person’s responsibility to put their possessions in their rightful place.

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    Triple Threat

    Buy once, use thrice. This console table is not only within arm’s reach of both chairs in this living room, it also comes equipped with storage shelves and drawers, giving it a triple purpose.

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    Concealed Storage

    When a formal living room needs to be tapped for extra storage space, maintain your space's style with a clever facade. Drape a skirt or tablecloth over a side table, tuck your storage beneath the table, and no one will be the wiser.

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    Tray Trick

    Use shallow trays to corral coffee-table treasures. Trinkets and necessities, such as remotes, will look more orderly when organized on a tray.

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