10 Ways to Use Living Room Furniture for Storage

Keep the clutter down by concealing and organizing your living room necessities. These 10 pieces of furniture will help you do the trick.

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    Tiered Coffee Table

    While the surface of a coffee table offers plenty of function, get even more from this living room staple by choosing a tiered model. Stack books and magazines on the shelf below, and use baskets both on and underneath the tabletop to corral other items.

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    Console Cabinet

    In an open living room floor plan, consider a console cabinet an essential piece. Position one behind a sofa that "floats" in the middle of a room and you'll have a spot for lamps to illuminate the seating space, a surface for placing drinks, plus plenty of storage.

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    Storage Bench

    Pack two functions into one with a storage bench. A cushion on top provides a place to sit, while cubbies below can be used for books or bins full of toys, games, or crafts supplies.

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    Invest in built-ins to give your living room architectural presence as well as an organized appearance. Frame a doorway with shelves, or consider cabinetry around a fireplace.

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    Nesting Tables

    Nesting tables, usually in sets of two or three, stack together but can be pulled out for extra tabletop surface as needed. They take up less floor space -- ideal for small rooms -- but still offer room for storage.

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    Console Table

    Like its cabinetry cousin, a console table adds storage but provides a different look. Baskets or bins can be lined up beneath for additional storage.

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    Hutches, pie safes, cabinets, and armoires are stylish storage additions for more formal or traditional living rooms. These handsome pieces bring substance to a space while providing plenty of concealed storage for organizing necessities.

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    Coming in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, storage ottomans are a flexible, smart way to bring organization and function to your living room. The lids lift to reveal a roomy storage compartment ready to store anything from blankets to gaming equipment.

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    Coffee Table with Drawers

    Drawers stacked beneath the top of a coffee table can conceal all sorts of items such as board games, remotes, magazines, and more. Since these pieces tend to be a bit more bulky than leggy, open coffee tables, they work best in larger or more open spaces.

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    Skirted Table

    Turn a simple table into a storage gold mine with the addition of a skirt. For a DIY version, first cut and hem a piece of fabric to size. Then place hook-and-loop tape around the top edge of the table and attach the skirt. Slide storage bins or carts beneath the table.

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