How to Organize Photos

Organize your photos now and you'll have more time for making photo-worthy memories.
The Photo Challenge

You've conquered desk disarray, shoe-closet stampedes, and kids' clutter. You're well on the way to a full year of succeeding in that New Year's resolution to get organized!

Next stop: those drawers stuffed with photo-center envelopes, loose negatives, and stuck-together prints of people you can't identify.

It never fails: You develop a roll of film, flip through the photos a couple of times, and toss them aside, intending to sort them in the future.

Later, when you're on the hunt for a particular snapshot, you paw through overwhelming stacks of photos littered throughout the house or shoved into desk drawers, but the image you're searching for seems to have disappeared.

The next time you pick up your developed film, spend an evening sorting the photos right away. Make it a family event -- share laughs and reminisce about that shot of the dog eating your son's birthday cake -- and you'll be on the right track for keeping those precious memories safe, organized, and easily accessible.

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