Home Organization Tips for Busy Rooms

Getting organized is just this simple: Figure out what you have, decide what you need, and find the right places to put things. Check out these cheap tips and clever solutions for minimizing the mess in your home's challenging areas.

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Cabinet storage
Create a Calm Kitchen

    As the busiest room in the house, the kitchen needs careful organization to rein in the chaos. Start by utilizing the space you have. Use freestanding stacking units to create levels of storage within your cabinets. Under-shelf bins that slip onto shelves can also help reduce wasted space.


    Take advantage of the inside of cabinet doors. A sheet metal insert turns the interior door panel into a handy storage system with the addition of magnetic hooks, clips, and containers. Keep a notepad handy to jot down anything you need to purchase at the grocery store.

Tea Party

    Arrange all your needs for morning coffee or tea on an attractive tray. It creates a pretty presentation and makes getting your cup of joe fuss-free.

Basket Case

    Use baskets to store bills, recipes, or miscellaneous notes. Designating a place for random papers will prevent them from being scattered on your countertops.

Food Files

    Store magazines or take-out and catering menus in magazine files. Line them up on an out-of-the-action corner of your countertop.

Spectacular Storage

    Create bonus work and storage space with a rolling cart island. Purchase an unfinished gem, then give it a custom look with your choice of color and hardware.

Declutter the Closet

    The most private and personal space in your home, your bedroom closet, should be organized in a way that works best for you. But a few generalities apply. Most of you closet space should be devoted to things you wear every week. Keep out-of-season clothes and special-occasion garments in another closet if possible.

Royal Treatment

    Use every available inch of space, including the insides of doors. Create a jewelry organizer you can hang on your door. Hang bracelets and necklaces with small S hooks.

Box Basics

    Look for boxes and bins that are just the right size for holding folded sweaters or T-shirts. Dress them up with a coat of spray paint, if necessary, and tuck in sachets for added freshness.

Divide & Conquer

    Use dividers to keep drawers from becoming jumbles. Paint an old soda bottle crate or cut down a cardboard bottle carrier for sorting socks, hosiery, belts, or ties.

Handy Holder

    Create a spot for everyday essentials and mementos with a handy vertical organizer. This divider keeps notes, writing utensils, and sewing scissors at hand.

Love Your Laundry

    An organized and attractive laundry room can elevate a dreary chore into a satisfying accomplishment. Start by corralling cleaning aids in tidy containers within reach, and keep several laundry baskets at hand for sorting.


    Buy front-loading machines if you're in the market for new appliances. It's a great way to be efficient with space, allowing for a work surface above the machines for folding and storage.


    Hang shelves to make everything easier to organize. Store-bought shelving is fine, but you can add a bit more personality with salvaged or adapted shelving. Even a large old window box or two mounted on the wall will serve your purpose.

Hanging Out

    Install hooks on the wall to hang laundry bags and totes. This is a great way to keep dirty clothes off of the floor and out of your way.

Sew Cool

    Make a pretty sorting organizer from an egg carton. Dress it up with a quick coat of spray paint and fill it with all those little things that come out of the dryer, such as coins and buttons. Add a made-to-fit pincushion, a needle, and small spools of thread, and you have an instant mending kit.


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