Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Crafts Supplies

Try these creative and simple solutions to neatly store your crafts supplies.

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  • Chic Crafts Caddy

    Organize crafts and office supplies in a collection of milk glass displayed in a vintage drink caddy set on a colorful tray. You can simply carry the tray to any work space.

  • Kids Crafts Supplies Holder

    A canvas apron made for gardening tools is also a great holder for art supplies. Attach the belt to the edge of a child's table with hook-and-loop tape, and tuck the straps out of sight. Fill it with crafts supplies that will get your little one creating.

  • Clever Closet Storage

    Turn the back of a closet door into a crafty storage space with a peg rack that holds spools of thread, ribbons, and tools.

  • Embellishment Drawer

    Use milk glass ashtrays or shallow bowls to stash crafts supplies in desk or cabinet drawers. You can purchase milk glass items at flea markets and garage sales for as little as 25 cents a piece. Add color and interest by lining the drawers with decorative paper.

  • Mobile Crafts Cart

    Retrofit an old end table into a cart that can function as a mobile crafting station. File crafts papers, stickers, and scrapbook pages below, and stash tools and markers on top. Push it wherever you want for an instant work space.

  • Everyday Items

    Simple kitchen items, such as glassware, can keep crafts scissors, felt-tip pens, and crayons within easy reach on a tray designed to hold olives. Slip a spring bouquet into one of the glasses to turn it into a pretty display for your crafting space.

  • Recycled Storage

    Don't throw away all your empty cans from potato chips and coffee. Wrap them in pretty paper and use them to store small crafting items, such as buttons, pins and needles, bobbins, and embellishments.

  • Painted Cabinet

    Paint a small cabinet and stamp it with fresh flowers for a pretty, mobile crafts storage unit. Add dividers to the drawers to bring order to the goodies inside. Attach metal label holders to the fronts of the drawers to make it easy to identify what is stored in each.

  • Handy Crafts Tote

    You'll always have your supplies at hand with this transformed bath tote. It is perfect for keeping supplies tidy and ready to move.

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    Vintage Finds

    Recycle a plank into as a shelf that can hold vintage tins for brushes and paints. Attach a wire hanger beneath the plank to hold galvanized buckets filled with smaller supplies.

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    Organize with a Wine Rack

    An under-the-shelf wine and stemware rack blends style and function and utilizes otherwise overlooked space. Glass cylinder hold pencils, markers, pens, and brushes, while ink pads can be stashed on the stemware rack.

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    Embellishments in a Snap

    Repurpose a pillbox for an eye-catching storage system. The tiny containers hold dozens of eyelets and are easily embellished with a label and preview of what's inside.

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    Box It Up

    Plastic sleeves designed for slide, photo, or trading card storage are ideal for stashing die cuts separated from their packaging. Store the sleeves in binder boxes (or regular cardboard boxes) that can be stacked or stored upright on a shelf.

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    Drawer Dividers

    Tired of your cluttered work space, but need to keep supplies handy? Compartmentalized containers organize essentials within reach, and shallow drawers prevent the urge to stack, making it easier to see available supplies quickly.

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    Hang It Up

    Keep gift wrap and crafts supplies organized with a wire shower caddy. Hang one for wrapping supplies and a second one for crafting supplies. Use ribbons to suspend cans filled with pencils, paintbrushes, and more from the hooks.

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    Kids' Crafts Storage Spot

    Hang shelves to store kids' craft items. Be sure they are low enough for little hands to reach. Attach a paper towel holder to the underside of a shelf, then fill it with kraft paper that kids can easily tear off. Clip a couple of clothespins to the paper's edge keep it from curling.

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    Crafting Station

    Pegboard is perfect for holding crafts supplies. Cut pegboard to the desired size and frame it with molding pieces found at a hardware store. Paint the entire piece, let dry, and hang it above your workstation. Hooks for pegboards come in various shapes and sizes, so select ones that will easily hold the items you plan to store.

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    Sticker Stadium

    A plastic desktop filing system allows you to sort stickers, patterned paper, and other crafts supplies in tiered compartments, making everything easy to see. Add printed dividers to customize the categories.

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    Color Coordinated

    Beverage glasses aren't just for lemonade. Use clear glass or plastic glasses to store small supplies, including buttons, rickrack, and other embellishments. You'll be able to quickly identify what's available, plus give your crafts space a pleasing ambience.

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    Medical Attention

    Vintage and flea market finds are great additions to any craft room. This medical cart, repurposed as a crafting spot, is perfect for organizing supplies. Pencils, pens, and paints in bunches add graphic impact.

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    Cubby Storage

    Shoe and sweater organizers are perfect for storing fabric. The small cubbies let you stash rolled batting, fusible web, stabilizer, freezer paper, and more.

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    Recipe/Index Card Box

    Stash smaller stickers and die cuts in a recipe box with tabbed dividers. This system also works well for die cuts organized by theme. The box is small enough that it can be packed with essentials and taken to a crop.

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    See-Through Storage

    If all you have is a sliver of wall space, then this see-through pocket organizer is ideal storage for you. It keeps paints and other supplies handy and visible in different-size pockets, and it can be taken down and rinsed for quick cleanup.

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    Serving Pieces

    Organize crafts supplies in multipiece serving sets, such as these vintage aluminum tumblers. Easy to spin and get to what you need, it's also portable.

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    Paper Scraps Portfolio

    Paper scraps can be stored in an at-the-ready clear divided portfolio and taken to crops. Corral scraps by color to make them easy to find.

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    Paintbrush Bouquet

    This multisection vase is perfect for sorting paintbrushes by size and type and also allows them room to dry after use.

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    Window Treatment Plus Storage

    A hanging canvas shoe organizer, suspended from clip-on curtain rings, functions as a window treatment and art supply storage. The pocket depth is perfect for pens and pencils, paintbrushes, and notepads of various sizes.

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    Secondhand Storage

    Family crafts night is a breeze when you organize your supplies in baskets. The baskets are easily carried to the table, making picking up simple, and can be hidden away in an antique pie safe.

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