More Crafts Storage Ideas Using Unexpected Items

With a little creativity, you can maximize storage on a dime. Take a fresh look at everyday items to create budget-friendly organization.


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    • Before: Shoe Cubbies

      This open cabinet normally corrals footwear, but it can be a crafty storage solution, too (see next slide).

    • After: Cutting Station

      The deep shoe cubbies are perfect for storing long, awkward items such as oversize punches, tag makers, paper trimmers, and die-cutting tools and accessories. The wide space underneath is great for paper, and the top shelf easily accommodates a large die-cutting machine. Set this unit next to your work surface to keep your machine close at hand but out of the way.

    • Before: Binders and Clear Protectors

      Three-ring binders are ideal for keeping notes, photos, recipes, and cards organized and protected. But they're also practical for crafters, too (see next slide).

    • After: Flat Embellishment Sorter

      Use standard-size page protectors to stash sheets of stickers and rub-ons. Mix in a variety of photo and card sorters for storing smaller items. You'll be able to quickly flip through a binder to see which die cuts and other embellishments you have on hand.

    • Before: Toiletry Cabinet

      Towels, toothpaste, and bubble bath can be tucked away, yet still handy, with this simple storage unit. The same cabinet works for crafts supplies, too (see next slide).

    • After: Paint and Accent Storage

      Glass doors keep crafts supplies dust-free while ensuring they're not out of sight (and out of mind), and the adjustable shelves are perfect for jars of paint and embellishments. You can set it on a tabletop or hang it on the wall to keep messy supplies out of reach of little hands. And the lip on the top makes it a potential display area for completed projects.

    • Before: Desk Organizer

      Office supply stores carry desk organizers, which can come in handy for crafts supplies, too (see next slide).

    • After: Cutting-Tool Caddy

      Use a desk organizer as a catchall for cutting tools, and keep your work space tidy. Trimmers and cutting mats fit neatly into the slots usually reserved for paper; scissors and craft knives find a home in the pencil holders, and replacement blades can be stashed in the paper-clip spaces.

    • Before: Portable File Storage

      It's simple to organize papers on the go with color-coded filing sheets and a plastic bin. What works for business files also works for crafts supplies (see next slide).

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      After: Scrap Storage

      Save scraps of paper and organize them by color. Stored in a file box, they can easily be toted.

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      Before: Toilet-Paper Holder

      Pick up a wire toilet-paper holder from any discount store and convert it into a sorting system for crafts supplies (see next slide). It's not just for toilet paper anymore.

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      After: Ribbon Containment

      A toilet-paper holder is the perfect sorting system for multiple ribbon rolls that can spool out the sides. This wire holder doesn't take up much space and has a hook for easy hanging.

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      Before: Tiered Shower Caddy

      Keep shampoo and soaps tidy in the shower with this handy wire shelf, or set it up in the craft room to serve a different purpose (see next slide).

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      After: Tool Baskets

      Make the most of a small space by tucking vertical storage into the corner of a crafts room. A 9-foot tension rod works with standard ceiling heights. Fill the baskets with paints, ink pads, stamps, and punches. Everything remains within arm's reach--and no digging required.

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      Before: Mesh Pencil Holder

      Classic pencil holders can be found in any office supply store and can make an easy transition to your crafting space (see next slide).

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      After: Mesh Storage

      These inexpensive mesh cups can hold all kinds of crafting tools. To keep them off the desktop, screw them into the edge of a shelf.

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      Before: Modular Supply Storage System

      Plastic cubes that typically hold paper clips, highlighters, staplers, sticky notes, and reams of paper can be useful for crafters (see next slide).

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      After: Customized Station

      Modular storage is a crafter's dream because it allows for rearranging of work space to meet current needs. These inexpensive modules come in various shapes and designs to custom-fit tools. The X-cube is perfect for sorting pens, pencils, and markers, while stackable units hold pigment inks and dye-base ink pads.

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      Before: Jewelry Drawer Organizer

      In the bedroom, this wooden organizer holds earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. In the crafts room, it organizes small supplies (see next slide).

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      After: Embellishment Organizer

      This expandable tray is a great solution for storing tiny, easily misplaced items such as eyelets or brads in your crafts room. The long narrow slots intended for necklaces and bracelets are perfectly sized for crafts knives or floss. Reserve some space for such essentials as a tape runner and scissors. Tuck the tray into a drawer within reach, or carry it with you to various work spaces.

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      Before: Literature Sorter

      In the office stash paper or keep mail sorted in this wooden slot box. In the crafts room fill the slots with stickers, rub-ons, or art paper (see next slide).

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      After: Embellishment Storage

      A literature sorter works well for organizing paper, but it's also a great filing system for sticker and rub-on sheets that tend to stack up in a work space. Label each of the slots to find items more easily.

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