Solid Sendoffs

Make breakfast count with these "stick with you" recipes.
It's a Big Deal

Your kids are going to figure out that you have great expectations for them this school year if you (a) tell them and (b) show it with your actions, such as making breakfast a big deal.

3 Reasons to Bother with Breakfast

1. Better performance. Breakfast eaters have a more positive attitude toward school and work and they perform better. A Boston study showed that children who started eating breakfast raised their test scores significantly and were late or absent from school less frequently.

2. Better overall nutrition. Kids who eat breakfast are more likely to get the nutrients their bodies need. A Louisiana study found that children who skipped breakfast rarely met even two-thirds of the daily requirements for most minerals and vitamins.

3. Better weight control. Breakfast revs up the body's metabolic rate first thing in the morning, burning calories faster than if the morning meal had been skipped. Thus breakfast eaters maintain their weight more easily than skippers.

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