Small-Room Strategies

Find decorating and storage solutions for all the challenging small spaces in your home. From color selection to organization, we have space-savvy ideas and projects that will make the most of your square footage. Check out our expert tips for selecting colors that will expand and brighten your small space. We've collected dozens of smart ideas for small spaces, tips on how to your revamp rental home, and small-space design tips from the pros. Our storage ideas customized for living spaces, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom will increase the efficiency of your apartment, condo, or loft. We've even compiled a list of small-space dos and don'ts to help you plan out your living areas. Furniture arranging can make or break a room; with expert tips on placement and scale, you can create a room that maximizes both space and function. Learn to balance flow and create separate zones in a loft space and try out similar principals in an apartment or condo. Just because space is limited doesn't mean decor should go by the wayside. Learn how to make a small kitchen functional and a small bathroom efficient. See how other savvy homeowners live large in their small spaces, and bring some of their ideas into your own small home.


More Small-Room Tips & Tricks
Save Space in Your Kitchen

Customize a petite kitchen with space-smart ideas that wow.

Small-Space Living Rooms

Follow these ideas for decorating any small living room.

Browse Small Room Ideas

See some of our top small rooms in the Decorating Gallery.

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Small Bathrooms
Small Bedrooms
  • Small-Room Solutions: Bedroom

    With a few easy updates, such as paint, fresh bedding, and wall art, you can give a small bedroom a major lift.

  • Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

    Maximize storage in a small bedroom with these clever tricks and storage strategies that eliminate clutter and crea...

  • How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

    Turn a small bedroom into a cozy retreat with stylish decor and savvy storage tailored to suit small spaces.

  • Small Bedroom Decorating

    Expand the style of a small bedroom with a few thoughtful decorative touches that make the most of every inch.

  • Small Kid's Rooms

    Turn a small kid's room into a storage-packed and style-filled space with these smart tips.

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Small Rooms
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