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Use these small-space tips to fill your home with savvy decorating ideas, storage solutions, and room makeovers. A small home can exude charm and personality while being functional and livable. Organization is key in a small home; learning to declutter and efficiently organize can make your space seem much larger than its square footage. Small doesn't have to mean cramped. Check out inspirational home tours for ideas on furniture arranging that maximizes space, color palettes that make rooms appear larger, and smart DIY solutions to small-space issues. We've collected do-it-yourself project ideas, creative home accents that you can make yourself, and ways to create multitasking furniture on every budget. No matter your home's square footage, you can create a chic space that fits your personal style -- make your home work hard for you! Cozy and charming, our room makeovers and house tours will leave you feeling inspired to make your small bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom work harder and look beautiful. Whether you live in a cottage, bungalow, ranch, townhouse, apartment, or condo, these innovative ideas will help you love your small home even more.


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