Small-Space Decorating

Small-space decorating can be a challenge, but advice from our experts about living in an apartment, condo, or small home will help you make the most of the square footage you have. Learn how to maximize a small space with these projects, tips, tricks, and inspiration from our photos of small homes. Maximizing storage and arranging furniture to meet your specific needs is only part of the equation. Learn to use color to visually expand space, mix patterns with panache, and customize your small space with wall art, home accents, and other do-it-yourself projects perfect for a small home, whether you rent or own. In order to work within the footprint that you already have, get creative with savvy space-saving storage ideas and solutions instead of full-scale remodels or room additions. Increase the usability of a tiny bathroom, up the ante of a small kitchen, and make the most of a small bedroom or a small living room by drawing inspiration from our favorite home tours.


Solutions for Small Homes
Our Best Small-Space Ideas

Get the top tips and inspiration for small rooms.

Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Maximize your bathroom with these space-saving tips.

Living in Small Spaces

Use these strategies to make tricky small spaces work well.

Solve Your Small-Space Challenges

You'd be surprised where you can find extra slivers of storage in tight quarters.


Learn tricks from these small living rooms and see how to maximize your own floor plan.


Our smart strategies will help you choose the right furniture for your small rooms.


Are there must-follow rules for using color in small rooms? Find out here!

Top Picks
Apartments & Condos
Furniture for Small Spaces
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  • Furniture for Small Bedrooms

    Rest easy in a small bedroom by learning how to choose the right size furniture for the space.

  • Small-Space Desks

    Squeeze in an office almost anywhere with these tips for selecting a small-sized desk that's big on function.

Small Room Strategies

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