Winter Style in White

'Tis the season of good cheer and short days. Here's how to make your home perfectly suited to the winter season.
It's a Natural

White fabrics and sparkling accessories are natural choices for winter decor because they add much-needed light to a home's interior. Softer than the bright whites of summer, winter whites come in a variety of pale colors.

Candles -- and lots of them -- cast a warming glow to every corner of a room, especially when company's coming for dinner. Keep a stock of white candles, mirrored and sparkling accessories, and frosted glasses on hand to keep the look fresh and inviting; simply create new groupings from your stash every time you set the table.

Gather 'Round the Hearth

In the winter, rearrange the seating group in your living room so it faces the fireplace. Winter-white lampshades maximize the wattage of every bulb without creating glare. Add a string of votives to the mantel and a group of pillars on the coffee table to multiply the warmth and power of the fire to ward off the chill.

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