Beautiful DIY Spring Decor to Try This Season

Give your home a boost with these gorgeous DIY spring decor ideas. We have inspiration for planters, centerpieces, front door decor—and so much more.

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  • Caged Door Craft

    Spring door decor doesn't get much cuter than this stuffed birdcage. Nestle fresh tulips or your favorite flower into a vintage birdcage, then adorn with ribbon and pussy willow stems. 

  • Pretty Paper Wreaths

    The secret to these eye-catching wreaths? Dyed book pages. Instead of tossing an old cookbook or novel, repurpose its pages to create a one-of-a-kind spring decoration. Make wreaths in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, then hang in a cluster. 

  • Watercolor Table Runner

    You don't have to go to Oz to find a stunning rainbow. Make this table runner with doilies, watered-down acrylic paint in fresh pastel shades, and decoupage medium. Blot alternating colors of paint onto doilies, overlap, and connect with decoupage. If desired, attach kraft paper for stability.

  • Magnetic Herb Garden

    Fresh herbs add a flavor boost to any dish. And when arranged right, they can double as decor! Stick these cute magnetic planters on your fridge for an instant boost of spring style. 

  • Hand-Painted Name Tags

    We're all about woodland decor for spring. Add a dash of whimsy to your spring table with hand-painted place settings. Dab name cards with watercolor paint—we used blue and green to mimic grass—then place into sliced birch rounds. 

  • Colorful Twig Wreath

    Dress up a store-bought wreath with layers of color. Sporadically wrap medium-weight yarn in a variety of shades around a branch or reed-based wreath. Secure ends with clear-drying glue. 

  • DIY Paper Peonies

    Blooms that last all year? Sign us up. These paper flowers look surprisingly like the real deal, but require zero maintenance. Craft into a wreath, centerpiece, or flower crown. 

  • Chalkboard Calendar

    If you're falling behind on a New Year's resolution, there's still time to catch up. Get organized with a DIY chalkboard wall calendar. Mark and measure a grid with seven columns and five rows. Apply bold paint to the top row, then tint with white as you progress for an ombre effect.

  • DIY Marbelized Pots

    Budget-friendly terra-cotta pots get a luxe makeover with the help of a few simple materials. Swirl blue and green spray paints in water, then dip pots. Fill with your favorite spring blooms for a stylish spring centerpiece.

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    Personalized Succulent Wreath

    Turn a rad flea market find into something even cooler with the help of succulents. This DIY monogram wreath combines vintage charm with fresh greens. 

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    Butterfly Wall Decals

    Decorating doesn't get much easier than decals—simply peel and stick! We love these romantic butterflies fluttering above a bar cart. Make your own from paper and apply with double-sided tape that's safe for walls.

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    Easy Terra-Cotta Pot Updates

    Don't let your plants get all the attention. Etched patterns, wrapping paper, and geometric lines turn terra-cotta pots from boring to beautiful. 

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    Bird Watch

    Welcome spring with a trio of bird accessories on an end table or bookshelf. Look for little accents—nests, eggs, birdcages, and flowers—then arrange together for a seasonal look. 

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    Tassel Wall Art

    Bright dip-dyed tassels add major style to this wall. The DIY calls for only seven materials, and the cord texture makes an eye-catching display. 

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    Color-Block Containers

    Freshen up your entry with bright blooms. Color-block a pot by painting it one color, blocking off a section with painters tape, then applying a second coat in a contrasting color. Or wrap and glue rope around a planter before painting a bold stripe.

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    5 Stunning Air Plant Ideas

    Air plants make any space instantly chic. Try them hanging from the ceiling, glued to a wreath, or even as part of a chandelier. 

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    Botanical Prints

    Remember that thrift store art you had to have? Give it a style boost by sewing patterns onto the image with embroidery floss. Spray-paint the frame a bright, fun color to give the piece a modern edge. 

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