Fall Wreaths Made of Leaves, Flowers, Wheat, and More Natural Elements

Bring some autumn decoration to your door! We've got lots of inspiration for colorful, fall wreaths.

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harvest-theme U-shape wreath
Horseshoe-Shape Fall Wreath

    A horseshoe-shape is a welcome change for a traditional fall wreath. Start with a foam wreath form and cut away about 1/5 of the ring. Wrap with seam-binding ribbon to cover foam. Using hot glue, attach fresh or preserved salal leaves (commonly called lemon leaves). Glue a cluster of nuts in the center, then add dried wheat, preserved fern fronds, and fresh or silk berries.

Leaf-and-Berry Fall Wreath

    Go for faux leaves and berries to create a long-last wreath, or opt for dried finds if you want a more natural look. Simply cover a foam wreath with Spanish moss. Stick in leaves as you build it, alternating the colors for variety (green pins help keep the leaves in place). Pepperberries add a pretty red blush to the center.

Fall Wheat Wreath

    Making the most of fall's abundance is as easy as tucking leaves into a purchased wreath of wheat. Simply slip the stems of the leaves into the spaces between the wheat heads. Use the leaves sparingly so their individual shapes pop against the neutral background. When the leaves fade, remove them, and save the wreath for next year.

U-Shape Harvest Wheat Wreath

    With its unique shape and wispy wheat, this easy-to-make fall wreath is sure to wow your guests. Cut a round foam base into a U shape. Starting at the bottom of the U, wire long shafts of wheat to the base. Fill out the wreath by gluing on shorter shafts. A cluster of seed heads glued to the center hides the wired ends.

Leafy Monogrammed Wreath

    Welcome guests this fall with a leafy monogrammed wreath. Paint a papier-mache letter. When dry, hot-glue dried or silk leaves to the front. Glue magnets to the back of the letter to hang on a metal door or drill a small hole to hang from a nail.

Red Grapevine Fall Wreath

    Embrace autumnal colors by donning an apple-red wreath on your front door. Go easy on yourself and use a can of glossy red spray paint. Give the wreath several coats of paint to cover all its nooks and crannies.

    Editor's Tip: Make sure you work outside and cover your surface with scrap paper.

Bittersweet Wreath

    Create this colorful wreath with bittersweet vines and Chinese lantern stems. (Strip the leaves before assembling.) Twist the vines into a circle, then wrap the circle around a wire wreath form. Tuck in Chinese lanterns for a dramatic pop of color. Secure the stems and any loose pods with dots of hot glue.

Fall Flowers Wreath

    Repurpose a discarded round serving tray as a harvest wreath. Tie a length of wide velvet ribbon into a tailored bow, and hot-glue it to the tray. Add artificial leaves around the top of the rim, then hot-glue a cluster of real or silk fall flowers to the center.

Rectangular Wreath

    Decorate your front door just once for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This rectangular wreath is adorned with easy-to-make rosettes formed from galax leaves.

Leaf-Filled Fall Wreath

    Leaf wreaths are sold in crafts and decorating stores, yet it's easy to make your own. Cover a foam wreath form with moss then use dabs of hot glue to attach preserved or artificial leaves.

Pheasantly Surprising

    Pheasant feathers add fall flair to any door. Start with a purchased twig wreath,wrap pussy willows and feathers around the twig base. Dress it up with a raffia or grosgrain ribbon bow.

Go Wild with Twigs

    This twig wreath looks fresh from the forest with its clusters of leaves garnished with red and white berries. It's a great country look that also could be dressed up with a raffia or grosgrain ribbon bow.

Berry Leafy

    Sprigs of artificial berries and pretty fall leaves make a statement in red on top of an explosion of twigs. These could also be made as two separate wreaths that are wired together.

Double Vine Wreath

    Two purchased grapevine wreaths have been wired together and tied with ribbon. Sheaves of wheat and sprigs of grape leaves make this an easy project with high-style results.

Fragrant Foliage

    This wreath combines dried sweet Annie, dried lavender, purple statice, globe amaranth, and large green kale leaves for a decoration that smells as good as it looks. Experiment with different plants to find the colors and aromas you love most.

Grapevine Simplicity

    Sometimes simple is best. A spray of raffia is topped with a few dried flowers and leaf stems.

Holiday Must-Have: Cinnamon and Cedar Wreath

    Handmade wreaths are fun to make, but you also can decorate with purchased wreaths that celebrate the holiday in style. Herald the season with a whiff of cinnamon mixed with cedar.

Twig Wreath

    Bring the outdoors in with this twiggy wreath decorated with clip-on holiday ornaments shaped like birds.

Rosy Vine Wreath

    Give a rustic grapevine wreath a twist of style by embellishing it with a spray of silk roses and carnations. Mossy-tone green leaves finish off the look.

Acorns and Pearls

    Display this pretty wreath through the entire holiday season. Start with a twig wreath, then use hot glue to adhere acorns and fall leaves to the surface. See the next slide to learn how to make the acorns stand out.

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