Top 12 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

With the chill of autumn in the air, it's time to add simple decorating touches to your home to make it cozy and welcoming.

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brown throw blanket on black chaise
Add a Throw Blanket

    Nubby knits are an ideal companion for chilly nights at home with a movie. Plus, they temporarily add seasonal pattern and color to your home.

    Get Cozy: Place throw blankets over your sofa and chairs, and even keep a few folded for the floor.

Accent with Black

    Black, the universal symbol of sophistication, easily lends elegance to your autumn home. Use it sparingly -- just enough to make a statement, but not so much that it makes the room dreary.

    Get Cozy: Think accessories when it comes to adding black. A black vase, a mahogany side table, or a black pattern on a tablecloth or lampshade are subtle ways of introducing the darkest of hues.

Pile Up Pillows

    Paired with a warm blanket, pillows become snuggle buddies during on-the-sofa homework help or bill paying.

    Get Cozy: Look for pillows with a lot of texture so they'll stand up to all the touching, snuggling, and (maybe!) throwing. Then pile them on the sofa and think about investing in or making larger ones for the floor.

Gather Around the Hearth

    A crackling fire naturally draws people to it, so accommodate that with extra seating around your hearth.

    Get Cozy: Rearrange your furniture to shift your conversation area to the fireplace. Add a stack of books to encourage much-needed relaxation time.

Pull Out Your Quilts

    Quilts have always looked great on a bed, but consider using them as decor this fall. Hung on a wall, they muffle sound and can help keep out the cold.

    Get Cozy: Frame pieced squares and hang in a grid, as shown here, or hang an entire quilt on the wall. If you have an out-of-the-way table, try placing a small quilt on it as a tablecloth.

Line Tables with Fabric

    Bare tables, while perfect for breezy summers, are too stark for fall. Cover them up with seasonally appropriate runners.

    Get Cozy: Tablecloths are expected, but a runner is an even easier way to dress up a table. Get creative and use a long scarf, a fabric remnant, or a thin blanket as a runner.

Carve Out a Reading Nook

    Forget summer reading lists. Fall is the time to pull out your favorite tomes and lose yourself for hours in a good book.

    Get Cozy: Pick a well-lit corner of your home, either by natural light or a lamp, and shove a comfy armchair in it. Place a table nearby, stacked with your favorite books and reading lists.

Try an Area Rug

    Nothing heralds the pending arrival of winter quite like a cold floor on bare feet.

    Get Cozy: Fend off icy toes by placing area rugs in well-traveled spots in the home. And put on a pair of house slippers!

Hang Heavier Drapes

    Heavy drapes keep out drafts and lend an opulence to the room, especially if you let them pool an inch or so on the ground.

    Get Cozy: Switch out summer sheers for pattern drapes, layering fabrics for extra warmth if you want it.

Handcraft Accessories

    Homemade blankets and pillows are about as cozy as you can get. Plus, you can personalize them to your color scheme.

    Get Cozy: Or, really, get crafty! Start knitting or crocheting a blanket now (or enlist the skills of a nimble-fingered friend) to have cozy homemade knits by the time the weather gets seriously cold.

Hang a Portiere

    Fabric hung between two rooms dramatically reshapes your living space while making it more cozy and elegant.

    Get Cozy: Hang a fabric panel or drape from a rod mounted to the doorway. A screw-in hook supports the beaded tieback.

Skirt a Table

    Cover bare table legs and create an entirely new shape in your room by draping cloth over a table to the floor.

    Get Cozy: Choose a patterned fabric for this new standout piece. Let the fabric pool on the floor just slightly for a casually glamorous look. Bonus: You can stash boxes of paperwork and clutter beneath the skirt for quick cleaning.

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