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Ideas for Fall Decorating

Add elements of nature's fall bounty to your home decor with these looks that span the entire fall season.


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    • Pretty Leaf Pressings

      To preserve the beauty of colorful fall foliage, press leaves between books. When fully dry, display leaves between two pieces of same-sized glass. Secure the pieces of glass together by wrapping the edges with colored, linen book cloth tape. Add a berry-covered branch for a simple, yet elegant mantel display.

    • Pumpkins with Function

      Little gourds can be a big help in keeping a festive tablecloth in place, especially when it's used for an outdoor gathering. Add grommets to a tablecloth (use a grommet kit, available at crafts stores). Then attach string to the pumpkins and loop through the grommets for functional seasonal flair.

    • Fall Fill

      Looking for an inexpensive, yet chic fall vase filler? Try dried beans. This pantry staple is readily available in bulk at a low cost. For this arrangement, we filled a hurricane vase with about two inches of white beans and added a branch of yellow berries. Experiment with different color combinations, such as red kidney beans with orange berries.

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    • Variety of Vases

      Create an earthy piece of art from a plain vase. Using acrylic paint markers in two different shades of brown, freehand bare tree branches. For leaves, cut out pieces of pressed leaves or cardstock into the shape of small leaves (or use a leaf-shaped paper punch) and adhere to the vase with glue.

    • Wreath of Plenty

      Add a warm touch to a front door using autumn's bounty of free and colorful craft supplies. Incorporate the season's natural decorations into a welcoming wreath. Start with a basic wreath form (either made from florist's foam or a plain grapevine wreath) and attach gourds, mini pumpkins and leaves using hot-glue or wire.

    • Acorn Accessories

      A simple tree branch in a decorative vase can become a stunning centerpiece with a few added accessories. Painted acorns make perfect ornaments that introduce and double as a pop of color. To create a hanger, glue a loop of twine to the cap of the acorn.

    • Seasonal Storage

      Even simple storage can be stylish for fall. Using decoupage medium, adhere pressed leaves to the surface of storage boxes. Then stack your containers inside a bookcase for a falling leaf effect.

    • Petite Pumpkins

      A simple display of mini pumpkin gourds can rise to the occasion as stylish centerpiece just by adding a little height. Perch pumpkins atop overturned bowls, cake plates or candlesticks are perfect for creating an interesting display. Try painting the pumpkins in metallic silver for a sophisticated, glitzy effect.

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      Lovely Leaves

      Bring the beautiful autumn colors indoors by stringing freshly fallen oak leaves together. This garland instantly decks out a room for fall. Cut a piece of string to desired length and use a needle to thread the leaves onto the string. Use tape or sticky tack to hang the garland.

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      Acorn Framed

      Add character to a plain inexpensive frame with a border of acorn caps. Use a hot-glue gun to attach the acorns to the outer edge of the frame. Glue a pressed leaf or other nature find to burlap for a fitting focal point.

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      White Autumn

      Plain white dishes are anything but boring when in the presence of autumn flair. Leaves, gourds, and miniature pumpkins create a pretty fall tablescape -- perfect for a harvest party or Thanksgiving dinner.

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      Autumn Leaves

      Look for ways to dress up store-bought decorating accessories for a customized look. This leaf-shape twig accessory was embellished with fall leaves and acorns, which add color and texture to the purchased frame.

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      Orchard Fruits

      Arrange brightly colored apples on your mantel, perching them on decorative urns for height. Use artificial apples if you want the display to last the whole fall season.

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      Letter-Perfect Leaves

      Mark your front door with a leafy monogram. Paint a papier-mache letter and let dry. Hot-glue dried or silk leaves to the front. Shape a piece of wire into a hanging loop, and hot-glue it to the back of the letter.

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      Harvest Corn

      Fill your free space with a festive door hanging. Tie a grouping of Indian corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door. Display jars filled with dried corn and seeds behind glass-front cabinet doors for an added fall touch.

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      Leaf Specimens

      Boast the beauty of individual fall leaves by displaying them in glass beakers or miniature vases. Add a small gourd or mini pumpkin to the display for a change in shape and texture

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      Curb Appeal

      Lush potted mums add color to this front stoop, as do paper lanterns hung from the portico. White pumpkins add contrast and a harvest wreath defines the solid wood door.

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      Fall Pumpkins

      Single out autumn's beauty with an artfully arranged collection of natural elements. For a unified yet unique display, start with a collection of pumpkins that are the same shape, but have varied sizes and colors. Arrange with leaves and grape vines. Include a glass cloche or vase to add elegance to the rustic tablescape.

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      Go For Green

      Summer's big color grows brighter and bolder in fall. The hot chartreuse of Granny Smith apples is a prime example. Nest a stocky candle in the middle of a glass salad or punch bowl and fill with green apples. No need to use a tall candle; simply elevate a short one with a candlestick or aluminum can. Then hide the stand with apples.

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      Gourds on a Shelf

      Consider this simple approach to fall decorating: Take one object and repeat it along a shelf or window sill, or down your dining room table. Surround each item with something special -- a circle of beaded garland (as shown here), some fall leaves, pinecones, or even a toss of tiny acorns.

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      Fall Mantel Decor

      Liven up your living room with a dash of fall color. Arrange tall branches with bright leaves inside a vase and place on your mantel or shelf.

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      Showcase Fall Memories

      Display family photos in a frame provided by nature. Tie branches with twine and add evergreen tassels. Then insert photos in the branches, clipping them on, if needed, to hold in place.

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      Easy Centerpiece

      Create a stress-free centerpiece by setting several pumpkins or gourds on the table. This arrangement displays them on a long white platter, but a low basket or tray would work just as well. Garnish with a few leaves, berry clusters, or flowers to add a bit of color and texture.

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      Autumn Vase

      An old doorknob finds new purpose as a fall vase. Sea oats (Chasmanthium) are arranged to fit inside a handsome doorknob. Fill the doorknob with sand to add weight and stability to the arrangement.

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      Autumn Wreath

      Find out-of-the-ordinary places to add a little harvest accent, such as the back of a dining room chair. Simply tie a fall wreath to a chair with a wide velvet ribbon. This wreath is outfitted with kumquats, raffia, and seed pods.

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      Garden Garland

      Forget gazing out of the window. With this décor, your window will become something to stare at. Knot mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves onto a length of twine to create a harvest-theme window swag.

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      Branch Out

      Fall branches make wonderful -- and cheap -- decorations for your home. Look for interesting shapes with leaves, acorns, or berries to scatter amongst your home.

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      Autumn's Bounty

      Fall elements offer a rich palette of color and texture. Bank on this aesthetic appeal in a single tabletop arrangement, perfect for a centerpiece. Start with a tray and containers (compotes, sherbet dishes, etc.). Ours all have an antiqued metal finish for a vintage look. Fill the tray and containers with assorted berries, nuts, and fruit. For shine, paint some of the elements with gold paint or cover with gold leaf.

      Editor's Tip: If you will be placing your arrangement within reach of pets or small children, ensure none of the elements are poisonous.

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      Fall Chandelier

      Makeover your light fixtures, without the hassle of electrical work. Attach ribbons to papier-mache gourds with hot-glue, then suspend from a chandelier. Finish the look with a garland of leaves woven around the chandelier arms.

      Editor's Tip: Keep flammable elements from coming in contact with the light bulbs.

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      Fall Window Dressings

      Spruce up a window for fall with miniature wreaths. Hot-glue twigs together to make frames for square wreaths. Cut out circles from cardboard and wrap with ribbon for the round wreaths. Hot-glue your finds to the wreath forms and hang from a window.

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