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Modern Fall Wreath Ideas

Create a decorative door front this fall with an exciting wreath design. Unexpected materials, shapes, and colors make these wreaths anything but traditional.


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    • Modern Marvel

      Inspired by the beauty and colors of fall, this wreath combines the season's most dazzling natural elements. Pinecones and leaves pair with red, yellow, and orange mums to replicate a vibrant fall palette. Group items by color and attached to a circular wreath form.

    • Harvest Horseshoe

      Project a perfectly pastoral look with this horseshoe-shape wreath crafted with wheat grass. Purchase a U-shape wreath or cut and remove the top portion of a circular foam wreath to create the horseshoe. Next, gather the wheat into small bunches and use wire to bring the stems together. Starting from the top of the wreath and working your way down, use U-shape florist's pins to attach the bunches to the wreath. Each bunch should cover the stems and wires of the one before it. For the bottom bundles, trim the stems short. Finish by attaching a small cluster of nuts, seeds, or acorns to the center of the wreath with hot glue.

    • Square Wreath

      Welcome guests with a wreath framed in natural ingredients like sweet-smelling oranges. Push a skewer through fresh fruit, creating holes on the back half of the fruit. Next, run heavy florist's wire through the holes and wire the fruit to an unfinished wooden picture frame. Add additional color by filling the space between the oranges with leaves, berries, and flowers. We applied aspen leaves, green yarrows, and thistle-like orange safflowers before tacking a wide pink ribbon to the frame's back corners.

      Editor's Tip: Fresh fruit prevents this wreath from being used all season. Make a few days before guests arrive and discard before fruit spoils.

    • Fall Coloring

      The staircase is the perfect place to display a brightly infused red leaf wreath that is not only lush with color but rich with texture. The monochromatic motif adds a modern flair to holiday decor.

    • Contemporary Crop

      Wreaths aren't just for your door. Take a modern approach to seasonal decor by boldly placing this fabulous wreath in the center of an outdoor or indoor table. You can re-create this look with just a few materials. Affix cornhusks to the back of a straw wreath by applying a small amount of hot glue to the husk's bottom just before pressing them in place. Position the husks side by side until the entire back is covered. Next, affix husks to the inside and front portion of the wreath until it is completely covered. Make the wreath a centerpiece by placing a bowl of fruit inside.

    • Crop Circle

      For this festive wreath, Indian corn is arranged in a circle with the shucks pointing out. This golden circle suggests a brilliant fall sun. To make, hot-glue the ears of corn together on a straw wreath and fold the husks outward.

    • Fall Copper

      Metallic, the latest trend in door decor, adds a modern flair to a traditional classic. A simple wreath made from leaves looks elegant and polished when spray-painted a glowing copper color.

    • Gourds Galore

      Depart from the traditional fall wreath by turning seasonal bounty into a warm and inviting display. Gather a mixture of small and colorful gourds to create this festive holiday decoration. Using a long, fine bit, drill through the gourds, keeping the holes slightly toward the back of each gourd. Next, wire the gourds to a round foam wreath, then hang and enjoy!

    • Fall Foliage

      Enliven a front door or even an empty wall this season with a wreath made of distinctive fall foliage. Here, light and flimsy foliage falls dramatically away from a bundle of brightly colored gourds, creating a naturally whimsical arrangement.

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      Festive Flair

      Bring the season's hottest color to your front door with this festive wreath. The burst of bright orange leaves combined with the outward-facing husks of small ears of corn create a modern and lively display.

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      Modern wreaths come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here, fall foliage is used to decorate a star-shape wire frame.

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      Natural Blossom

      A simple twig wreath enhanced by the charm of flowers pairs nicely with a rustic decor. Taking a minimalist approach to a fall wreath will ensure that its earthy and natural elements do not go unnoticed.

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      Fall Gold

      For an updated version of a classic, opt for a feather fall wreath over the traditional leafy variety. To create, start by removing the bottom ends of six pinecones with a small handsaw. Spray-paint the pinecones and several fir branches gold. Apply three coats, allowing drying time between each coat. Next, apply tacky glue to the top of each pinecone and sprinkle each with glitter. After+ they dry, hot-glue the pinecones and fir branches to a purchased feather wreath.

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      Pumpkin Ring

      Here is a fun and festive look that looks great from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Re-create this look by attaching miniature pumpkins to a circular wreath form.

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      Food Play

      The creative combination of pinecones, fruit, and nuts in this starburst wreath creates a wonderfully versatile look that is well-suited for use year-round. To make, use corrugated cardboard as the wreath's base, and hot-glue wood skewers to the back for easy decorating. Finish by gluing fresh sprigs of evergreen between the freshly festooned skewers.

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      Natural Material

      The bright colors of fall are captured in a boldly painted wreath. To make it, sand 12 oval-shape wooden O's and paint each O with different colors of outdoor acrylic paint. We used wine, orange, apple green, bright red, and bright yellow.

      Continue to the next two slides for further directions.

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      Painted Circle

      Wrap a 12-inch-diameter flat wreath form with jute string or twine. Thread a needle with the jute and arrange the O's in a circle.

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      Fall All Over

      Use the jute to join the O's, wrapping each set five times. Place the O's over the wrapped wreath form. Using a needle and twine, attach the O's to the form with large cross-stitches.

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      Once limited to flower arrangements and random shell collections, bits of nature (and nature-inspired objects) now rule the roost. See how to get this trendy, organic look in your home.
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