Ideas for Fall Decorating

Super simple centerpieces and stress-free decorations for fall elegance.

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  • Circle of Bounty

    Add charm to a wheat wreath with golden maple leaves. Slip the stems of the leaves into the spaces between the wheat heads. This arrangement looks best done in a spare manner so the shapes of individual leaves aren't lost. When the leaves fade, remove them and save the wreath to use again next fall.

  • Quick Fall Centerpiece

    Create a stress-free centerpiece by setting several pumpkins or gourds on the table. This arrangement contains them on a long white platter, but a low basket or tray would work just as well. Garnish with a few leaves, berry clusters, or flowers to add a bit of color and texture.

  • Gourds on a Shelf

    Consider this simple approach to fall decorating: take one object and repeat it along a shelf or window sill, or down your dining room table. Surround each item with something special -- a circle of beaded garland (as shown here), some fall leaves, pinecones, or even a toss of little acorns.

  • Make a Wreath

    Create a wreath that expresses your decorating style. We have lots of ideas in our slide shows.

  • Wheat Centerpiece

    Though this project may look complicated, it's simple to create and dramatic -- and a perfect decoration for your entryway or buffet table. See how in our online video!

  • Pumpkin and Roses Centerpiece

    Make a spectacularly easy floral arrangement for fall.

  • Dried Flower Arrangement

    Check out your local craft store for the dried materials needed to make this woodsy, autumnal arrangement. See how in our online video!

  • Go for Green

    Summer's big color gets bright and intense in fall. The hot chartreuse of Granny Smith apples declares the effect. Nest a stocky candle in the middle of a glass salad or punch bowl filled with green apples. No need to use a tall candle; simply elevate a short one with a candlestand or aluminum can. Then hide the stand with apples.

  • Miniature Apple Wreath Project

    Whether you choose miniature apples like ours or full-size replicas, this wreath will look great for weeks. Don't miss our how-to video for more tips.

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    Branch Out

    Fall branches make wonderful -- and cheap -- decorations for your home. Look for interesting shapes with leaves, acorns, or berries.

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    Here's an object that will look in season from October through December. Pinecones have a natural, rustic appeal that can also be dressed up by combining them with ornaments, ribbons, or garlands.

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    Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece

    Wouldn't this be lovely on a hall table or as a dining room centerpiece? Find out how to make it in this link.

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    Red and Gold Glory

    Bring the bright, bold colors of harvest season indoors to adorn your home. Wooden bowls nested together give a gathering of apples height and dimension. Maple branches full of golden leaves accent the arrangement. Place the vignette in front of a mirror to maximize the impact.

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    Black and White

    Both sophisticated and country, this white pumpkin has been elevated to designer status with a swoosh of black paint and a unique footed cake stand.

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