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Decorate Your Home for Fall

Spruce up your home for the fall by adding seasonal decorating touches in every room. Use these easy ideas to fill your home with autumnal textures and colors.


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    • Complementary Colors

      Create a big impact with your fall displays by using contrasting colors. Use a vase in a color that complements that of the leaves you use to make them stand out and add more colors to the room. Stick with cool colors, like blues, purples, and greens, to complement different shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves.

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    • Video: Fall Wreath

      Bring fall decor outdoors with a pretty wreath. See how to make one using nautral elements.

    • Woodland Wonder

      Turn russet-orange roses into an autumn accent simply by adding woodland-inspired details. Fern fronds and acorns add a forestlike touch, giving the glam roses a more earthy vibe. Complete the look by turning a basic vase into a woodland stunner by wrapping it in wood-look wrapping paper.

    • Natural Gradient

      As the leaves change outside, keep in mind that those changing colors can be perfect for fall-inspired decor. Create a quick and easy centerpiece by filling glass vases with water and bunches of small branches with different colors of leaves. Arrange them according to color, creating a natural color gradient.

    • Fall Combo

      Make your table set for the season by combining a variety of fall styles. Drape your table in a plaid flannel tablecloth. Top it with seasonal produce such as apples, pumpkins, and little gourds, and garnish the look with flowers. Accents in warm, neutral colors such as brown, yellow, orange, and red add to the fall-inspired look.

    • Fall Wreath

      A wreath is a perfect way to tie in fall decor to not only your front door but also mantels, walls, and more. Combine greenery with fall-color accents, such as fruits, nuts, or small pumpkins or gourds. The combination of colors and the natural look will instantly bring an autumn touch to the room. With a simple wreath of greenery, you can easily replace the fall accents with wintry counterparts later in the season.

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    • Trading Spaces

      As the seasons change outside, your home decor should change, too. One easy and creative way to cultivate a subtle fall style statement is by switching out ordinary accessories for ones with texture. Here, an ordinary lampshade was replaced with a linen one, incorporating natural texture into an unexpected place.

    • Seasonal Kitchen Display

      Open kitchen shelving offers a plethora of decorating possibilities all year long. For a subtle and sweet fall accent, tuck a pumpkin among displayed dishware and other accessories. Surrounded by white dishware, this pumpkin blends in easily but also adds a hint of natural texture.

    • Floral Place Settings

      Get creative when entertaining by using around-the-house items, such as a soup tureen, to create gorgeous arrangements and centerpieces. Small bunches of mums, or other vibrant flowers like dahlias or scabiosa centers, add pops of color to simple household items. Place a square of florist's foam in the vessel and arrange the flowers. To add a place card, stick the tines of an old fork into the foam and use an adhesive dot to attach a name tag to the handle.

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      Simply Natural

      Fall decor doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy. In fact, the simpler, the better. Add an autumn touch to your dining room with a burlap table runner and fresh flowers or greens from outside. Spindly branches bunched together also add a fall look. Whether they're gathered from your yard or purchased at a crafts store, branches are a quick, easy way to add a natural look to the room.

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      Chestnuts Roasting

      Fall decor doesn't have to be complicated. You can create this warm, autumn-inspired look with just three items. Place a simple candle in a bowl and surround it with chestnuts, acorns, nuts, berries, or another fall feature to make an easy centerpiece. Shop thrift stores for eclectic bowls and vessels in fall colors.

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      Personalize Your Pumpkin

      Jack-o'-lantern faces aren't the only option for pumpkins. Try different pumpkin-decorating techniques to correspond with your own personal style. Go with curvy carvings for a more elegant, refined look, or paint shapes or designs on the pumpkin for a bold look. Try different sizes of pumpkins for variety, and even try different colors -- orange, white, or even green.

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      All Shapes and Sizes

      Gourds are fun fall decorations because of their various shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether they're green, orange, or white, round, curvy, or both, gourds can add fall color and diversity to your room. Try placing them in a basket, bowl, or even a serving platter to add an autumn touch to any space.

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      Mix and Match Flowers

      Bring together an array of autumn colors with a mix-and-match arrangement of flowers. Mums are a common fall flower that vary in appearance and can create stunning arrangements. With pom-poms, anemones, quills, spiders, brushes, or thistles, or single or double mums, there are plenty of fall flowers to combine for a gorgeous bunch. For an arrangement with big impact, arrange flowers in tall cylinder vases and place the vases together. Warp the grouping with wide ribbon and use adhesive squares to hold the ribbon in place.

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      Earthy Meets Elegant

      Place an earthy, fall arrangement under a glass display dome to create a casual, yet elegant look. Combine the best of the fall harvest, such as gourds, small pumpkins, and hedge apples, in a shallow terra-cotta bulb pan covered with a glass dome to construct a simple autumn arrangement.

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      Fall-Hue Dining Table

      Embrace the colors of the season with colorful place mats and centerpieces. Here, bold orange place mats and two shallow trays of gourds create a stunning fall tablescape. Further the look by seeking out festive dishware in fall-inspired hues and napkins in patterns such as gingham, plaid, or houndstooth.

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      Low-Cost Flower Arrangement

      Creating a stunning seasonal centerpiece doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. For a quick and easy fall arrangement, collect fallen branches and place them in a vessel you already own. Or, take a trip to your local crafts store and search out faux branches featuring fall berries or leaves. The arrangement will have the same wow-worthy effect, but you won't have to worry about trailing bugs or dirt into your home, and you can use the faux finds for years to come.

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      Bountiful Display

      Welcome guests into your home with a casual fall entryway arrangement. Creatively repurpose serving trays to display a collection of gourds or small pumpkins. Large primitive-style pottery can hold an arrangement of leafy branches or late-blooming flowers. This table was placed in the center of this spacious entryway, but you can also re-create the display on a side console table if your home has limited space.

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      Double-Duty Decor

      Add seasonal style and functionality to your living spaces by draping cozy blankets across the backs of chairs. The blankets will see plenty of use as people snuggle up to a warm fire on those brisk autumn nights. Search for blankets in colors and patterns that will complement your existing decor for a seamless look.

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      Decorating, Well-Blended

      Incorporating subtle fall accents throughout your home ensures that they'll blend with your existing decor. A leafy wreath hangs in this kitchen window and adds just a touch of seasonal style. Other subtle style accents include rugs, throw pillows, and table linens.

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      Low-Cost Table Settings

      Rather than investing in all-new fall dishware, pair what you already have with a complementary fall centerpiece. Orange leaves complement the blue dishes on this pretty tablescape. You can also pair dishware you already own with festive napkins and table linens to create an easy table display.

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      Effortless Arrangement

      With an abundance of falling leaves and branches available at almost every turn, creating festive arrangements is easier than ever during the fall. Here, a bundle of collected grasses were placed in a small metal bucket to create a casual side table display. The grasses were left unarranged to create a rustic, just-gathered look.

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      Favorite Fall Patterns

      Who says seasonal decorating should be left solely to high-traffic areas of the home? Place a plaid or houndstooth throw across the end of your bed to add a splash of autumnal appeal. These patterns are characteristic of the season and blend easily with a variety of colors and even other patterns. As a bonus, the throw will come in handy during those chilly fall nights.

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      Seasonal Slumber

      If you have neutral bed linens in need of a seasonal lift, switch out sheets or sham covers for ones in fall-inspired hues. These bold red sheets and shams pop against a gray bed frame and bedspread. Choosing linens in shades of red will come in handy even after all of the leaves have fallen, too, since the color can stick around into the Christmas season.

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      Festive Fall Hues

      Spruce up a neutral sitting area with a splash of fall-inspired color. Here, a bold burnt-orange pillow adds contrast to a creamy white chair and walls. Other seasonal hues include rustic reds, rich yellows, and chocolaty browns.

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      Festive Bathroom Accessories

      Place a stack of fall-hue hand towels in your guest bath or powder room. Powder rooms and guest baths are often on the small side, but decorative hand towels won't overwhelm the limited space. A trio of vibrant yellow and rich red hand towels spiff up this neutral bath.

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      DIY Table Runner

      Spruce up a neutral table display to prepare for seasonal entertaining. Take a trip to your local fabric store and select a seasonal pattern in the colors of your choice, making sure you purchase enough to run the length of your table. Hem the edges using a sewing machine or hem tape.

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      Seasonal Centerpiece

      Create a laid-back table display using fallen leaves and painted gourds. With their irregular shapes and imperfect surfaces, gourds and leaves lend natural texture and visual appeal to this casual dining space. A tall vase holding a single tree branch adds height and dimension to this display.

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