Fabulous Fall Centerpieces

Give your table a festive look with a pretty centerpiece that's perfect for fall gatherings -- large or small. Our tips for fall centerpieces help you incorporate natural and faux elements into your decor for a festive and bright fall table.

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    Dress Up Fall Fruits

    Add a bit of sparkle to the rich palette of autumn with this simple idea for fall centerpieces. Choose a few complementary pears or apples and adorn in a variety of patterns with adhesive decals in shimmering silver, bronze, and gold tones. Group together in a bowl or place a few along the length of a table runner.

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    Cover Pumpkins in Flowers

    For pretty and quick fall centerpieces, create this beautiful autumn centerpiece with a small pumpkin, a grocery-store bouquet, and hot glue. Choose a bouquet of mums in harvest colors, and cut each flower just below the flower head. Attach each blossom to an uncut pumpkin with a dab of hot glue. Sprinkle colorful leaves and small gourds around the pumpkins for added interest.

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    Repurpose Old Globes as Fall Centerpieces

    This arrangement is as attractive as it is easy. Turn old globes into a distinctive fall centerpieces for a unique spin on seasonal decorations. Separate the globe's hemispheres and fill each one with colorful leaves, seedpods, small pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, and bittersweet.

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    Combine Flowers and Fruit

    Choose fruit and blossoms in shades of the same color for monochromatic and beautiful fall centerpieces. Yellow apples, pears, and flowers create this sunny centerpiece. Arrange the fruit in a compote, add an inch of water, and then tuck in flowers and greenery.

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    Paint a Pumpkin for the Focal Point

    This humble cornucopia takes a glamorous turn with a single mini pumpkin dressed in shining gold. Arrange pears, apples, and gourds in a cornucopia. Brush silver Luster Dust (available at a crafts store) onto the tops and stems of white mini pumpkins that are clean, dry, and at room temperature; scatter several at different spots around the house for stunning fall centerpieces and place at the center of the cornucopia.

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    Use Plenty of Color

    Bring beautiful fall color inside for your fall centerpieces with a table runner sprinkled with fallen leaves and pretty pumpkins. Create the table runner using camel-color wool, flannel, or felt as a base. Cut the fabric to size. Lay coordinating ribbons along the center of the runner and secure with double-stick tape or a dab of fabric glue if necessary. Set a compote or cake stand in the center and scatter leaves, mini pumpkins, and pears down the runner. To give fall centerpieces such as this table runner staying power, use fabric leaves and glue them to the table runner base.

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    Create a Gilded Fall Centerpiece

    To add instant color to your fall centerpieces, fill a gilded pitcher with a brilliant bouquet of roses, dahlias, and rose hips. Lightly spray flower petals and rose hips with gold paint to echo the glint of the pitcher.

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    Watch: Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas

    Try these three quick and easy ideas with apothecary jars, nuts, beans, ribbon, and more to make easy fall centerpieces.

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    Use Indian Corn in Fall Centerpieces

    Nestle colorful ears of corn on a bed of wheat for a feast of earthy color and texture that's distinctly fall. Fit a shallow bowl with dry florist's foam, leaving the foam an inch or two taller than the bowl. Insert wheat stalks into the foam, parallel to the table top. Partially remove the husks from several ears of Indian corn and arrange them on top of the wheat.

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    Display Fall-Color Flowers

    Glistening red currants create the framework for this asymmetrical bouquet, which is a wonderful example of how pretty flower-focused fall centerpieces can be. A pink-hue hydrangea bloom and a few red roses add interest to the angled line of the design.

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    Arrange a Fall Platter

    Interesting gourds or pumpkins can stand alone or be surrounded by textured natural elements for beautiful fall centerpieces. Pressed fall leaves peek around the edges of this platter, topped with a casual handful of nuts and candies.

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    Create Bountiful Fall Centerpieces with Vegetables

    What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving harvest than by creating fall centerpieces using a feast of gorgeous green vegetables? To make, stretch two sturdy rubber bands around a white pillar candle, then tuck green beans or asparagus under the bands. Cover the rubber bands with satin ribbon. To make the artichoke candleholder, cut the top off and a bit of the center out of the artichoke. Set the candle in the hole. Decorate the platter with a few white mums and hypericum berry sprigs.

    Editor's Tip: For safety reasons, do not let candles burn unattended. Only let candles burn for an hour or two at a time, and do not burn them down to the rubber band.

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    Combine Natural and Faux Elements

    Two rows of artificial pears glued and picked together form the simplest sort of fall centerpieces. Bundles of rye tucked into the spaces further the autumn look.

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    Elevate Pumpkins for Fall Centerpieces

    Say good-bye to plain orange pumpkins -- creamy-white varieties look elegant as fall centerpieces when adorned with silver glitter and nestled in boxwood atop a silver wine bucket. Use this look for an elegant Thanksgiving or for a seasonal bridal or baby shower.

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    Get Creative with Candles

    Garnish plain pillar candles with leaves for elegant and understated fall centerpieces. Choose a few favorite leaves from your lawn. Determine placement of leaves on each candle. Coat the backs of the leaves with decoupage medium and smooth in place on the outside of the candle. If necessary, use tacky white crafts glue to hold the stems down. Cover the sides of the candle and the leaves with one or more coats of decoupage medium.

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    Add Personalized Messages

    Show your guests that you're thankful for them this fall with a tabletop tree full of leaves and personal messages, which offer an inspirational way to personalize fall centerpieces. Arrange twigs vertically in an urn, and anchor the arrangement with decorative rocks. Write short messages on decorative paper, punch a hole in one corner of each piece, and tie the notes to the twigs using skinny ribbon. Fill in spaces with colorful faux leaves, available at crafts stores. For added fun, sprinkle blank cards and writing utensils on the table for guests to write their own messages to add to the tree or other fall centerpieces.

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    Use All-Natural Elements

    Swirl bittersweet vines around large pumpkins for instant and fresh fall centerpieces. Place the pumpkin on a platter so moisture won't ruin the tabletop, and complement the pumpkin with smaller natural elements, such as star anise, dried fruit slices, pinecones, or moss.

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    Fall Centerpiece Ideas

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