Evergreen Wreath with Leaves

Create a personalized wreath with this technique for adding a top dressing of style to a plain-jane evergreen wreath.

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Here's a great way to dress up a plain evergreen wreath with a few added embellishments.

Find out more in our instructions below.


  • Premade evergreen wreath
  • Florist's wire
  • Preserved leaves
  • Glass ornaments
  • Bow

Create a Circular Wire

+ enlarge image Fit a wire circle to the size of your evergreen wreath.

Using sturdy wire, create a circular shape that fits about in the center of the evergreen wreath.

Wire Leaves

+ enlarge image Attach leaves to wire form.

Cut about 24 four-inch lengths of thin florist's wire. Take one wire and wrap an end around the base of a preserved leaf. Next, wire the leaf to the circular ring and continue until the form has leaves attached all around.

Attach Circle

+ enlarge image Wire the round form to the evergreen wreath.

When all of the leaves have been attached, take U-shaped pieces of medium-weight wire and attach the circle to the evergreen wreath in a least four places.

Glue Ornaments

+ enlarge image Hot-glue ornaments to the wreath.

Finally, use hot glue to attach gold ornaments to the wreath. Position them so they cover the wire.

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