Cozy Fall and Winter Crafts

Get your home ready for autumn and winter. These crafts are sure to make any room warm and cozy.

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Table runner embellished with felt fall leaves
Fall Table Runner

    Add simple felt leaves to a table runner for instant fall inspiration. Leaves are tacked in place using a simple felting process, making the detailed table runner a fun project that can be created in a few hours.

Felt Cutout Coasters

    To make these clever coasters, cut a thumb notch and a window on one end of a felt rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half and stitch or glue the sides together. Print words or designs on card stock and cut the stock so the printing will show in the cutout window. Slide the card stock into the coaster.

Tree Applique Pillows

    Add subtle touches to pillows with an applique forest. Cut two felt squares in the desired size of the pillow, adding 3 inches to each edge. Glue a cutout design to one felt square. Layer the felt squares with wrong sides together. Slide fusible tape between edges, iron, and cut a slit in back to insert a pillow form.

Lion Mittens

    These fuzzy and furry mittens will keep children company while they're outdoors. Finish the easy-to-knit lion mittens with knit ears, yarn manes, and stitched features.

Cornhusk Centerpiece

    Creatively display cornhusks in an autumnal wreath centerpiece. Start with a straw wreath, cornhusks, and corn tassels.

Pinecone Table Runner

    A pine forest-inspired runner is a beautiful touch on a seasonal table. Impress your dinner party guests with this handmade project.

Wine Bottle Sleeve

    A pretty felt sleeve adds quick style to a wine bottle and protects surfaces from drips and rings. Cut a rectangle of felt with pinking shears. Fold it in half and stitch or glue the sides together. Slip over a bottle and tie with ribbon. Cut leaf and acorn shapes from felt or thin cork to add to the ribbon.

Corncob Candle Base

    Circle a tall candle with same-size corncobs and their husks. Fold the husks of corncobs over the cobs. Cut the husks into triangular shapes. Stand the corncobs around the base of a candle and hot-glue them together. Wrap twine around the corncob circle and tie.

Fall Leaf Applique Blanket

    Scatter felt leaves across a throw for a seasonal look that makes a great autumn decor piece.

Fall Leaves Needle Case

    Make a seasonal needle case with a leaf cutout for yourself or make several to give as favors at a crafting party.

Tree Ornaments

    Find inspiration from folk art for nostalgic tree ornaments. These ornaments make perfect party favors and can be easily crafted in multiples.

Snowflake Wreath

    A glittery wreath brings the look of shimmering snow indoors. Cut multiple snowflakes in three different patterns from stiff white craft felt (or apply stiffening spray). Randomly layer some of them in a circle the size of a chosen ready-made flat foam wreath until you get a design you like; glue them together. Adhere them to the foam wreath. Apply more snowflakes with stacks of mounting squares or adhesive foam. Mist with spray glue and sprinkle on glitter.

Holiday Throw

    Embellish a warm wooly throw and put it out where it can welcome holiday houseguests. The design can be personalized to fit any home color scheme.

Star Ornaments

    Make sparkly star ornaments that can hang anywhere in a home. These cute decorations would look great over a mantel, in front of a window, or on a Christmas tree.

Felted Mittens

    Knit a pair of cheerful mittens that will keep you warm despite the weather. They make thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

Sparkling Ice Wreath

    Watch the sun shine through this distinctive ice wreath on bright winter days. When the ice melts, birds will love the treats that had been frozen inside.

Personalized Felt Book Cover

    Add a personal touch to holiday coffee-table books or photo albums with felt covers. For a simple look, cut out a silhouette and numbers representing the year. From a second color felt, cut a piece wider than the open book cover. Wrap the felt piece around the cover, folding the ends inside. Glue the ends in place. Glue on the silhouette and numbers to finish.

Bright Snowflake Throw

    Make a plain throw sparkle with snowflake embellishments and an easy border.

Mantel Decor

    Communicate a holiday message with a felt mantel decor project. Measure the mantel width and depth. Subtract 12 inches from the width and add 12 inches to the depth; cut a felt piece to those measurements. Cut out your desired shape and letters, or buy precut pieces. Attach with glue.

Personalized Snow Globe

    Purchase a plastic snow globe with insert chamber from a local crafts store for this adorable custom decoration. Using the foam insert that came in the snow globe as a pattern, trace and cut out two photographs, postcards, or other desired images. Place an image on both sides of the foam and slip it into the snow globe. Add water according to manufacturer's directions.

Tree Table Runner

    Decorate your tree with ornaments and your table with trees! Cut evergreen tree shapes from felt, cutting some of the trees in half vertically. Cut felt circles from two colors. Glue the circles on the trees. Place a white runner on the center of your table. Lay the embellished felt trees on the runner.

Mitten Holder

    A large, bright mitten makes a perfect cookie carrier. Cut two matching mitten shapes from felt. Cut out circles, trimming the edges with pinking shears. Sew circles to a mitten shape and add buttons to the circles. Sew the two mitten shapes together, stitching about 1/2 inch from the outside edges. Sew a ribbon at the top for a hanger. Cut two felt rectangles for the cuff. Stitch them in place.

Winter Accessories Shadow Box

    For seasonal wall art, place a pair of mittens and a hat in a large framed shadow box. This quick and easy project is a great way to display favorite winter wearables that have been outgrown or replaced.

Cozy Candleholders

    Repurpose discarded sweaters into snuggly sleeves for your holiday votives.

Ribbon-Trimmed Mittens

    Dress up a sweet pair of holiday mittens with sewing notions. For the ribbon-weave version (on the bottom), choose multiple patterned ribbons. Weave four ribbons on the back of each mitten. Topstitch in place. For the mini bows version, overlap the ends of a 6-inch-long piece of ribbon. Hand-stitch the ends together with the seam centered underneath. Cover the center seam on top with a short piece of the same ribbon stitched in place.

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