Fall Welcome Message

Insert seasonal elements into a frame for a unique welcoming touch.
Welcome frame with dried leaves

Show your guests that you're glad they're here with this simple framed message.

Select a frame for your project. Ours is about 16 inches square. Next, choose some pretty art paper or colored paper and cut it to fit inside the frame.

On a computer, select a beautiful font and print "Welcome" onto the colored paper. No computer? Simply write the message by hand or ask your kids to create it.

Next, using double-sided tape, gently attach pressed leaves to the paper. Insert it into the frame.

Prop it up on an entry table, hang on the front door, or set it out on a small easel or plate holder for all to see.

See a list of materials below.


  • Picture frame
  • Art paper or colored paper
  • Pressed leaves, or use preserved leaves (ironed flat) from a florist
  • Double-sided tape
  • Computer or calligraphy pen to create the message