Garden Rooms: Bring the Inside Out

Make outdoor living feel like your inside with beautiful fabrics, cozy rugs, and lush landscaping.

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    Outdoor Living Defined

    Outdoor decor no longer consists of rickety lawn furniture in mismatched patterns. People are transforming their spaces into outdoor living rooms. The closer your outdoor space is to an indoor room with a similar use, the more likely you are to use it. From funky to classic, today's all-weather furniture is all about style.

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    Colorful Textures

    Mixing patterns on outdoor cushions is easy when you stick with a simple color scheme and rely on a neutral background for large furnishings.

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    Sturdy Accessories

    One of the quickest ways to bring a homey feel outdoors is to include all-weather lamps like this chic pineapple lamp beside seating.

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    Durable Rugs

    Rugs suitable for outdoors help to define intimate spaces.

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    Kitchen Strategies

    This open-air kitchen has it all-- freestanding bar, angled counters, ample work surfaces, and good proximity to outdoor dining furniture.

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    Touch of Ambience

    Candles are an inexpensive way to continue a color scheme. Varying shapes and heights adds visual interest.

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    Beautiful Storage

    A baker's rack filled with collectibles dresses up a blank wall. Grouping related objects creates a mini theme.

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    Wall Art

    Don't neglect outdoor walls. A candle sculpture like this becomes artwork against the brick.

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    Patio Lights

    Outdoor lights help keep decks and patios illuminated during evening gatherings.

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    Rain or Shine

    A variety of patio furniture made from faux wicker and rattan makes it easy to find furniture to fit any style. It's a relief to find that they actually make for comfortable sitting, too.

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    End Tables

    Just like you would in your living room, leave space to include end tables beside seating whenever possible.

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    Pretty Plants

    Potted plants become all the more charming when stacked on an attractive plant stand like this one.

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    Dining Area

    A classically styled concrete base dresses a table for four and allows plenty of room for chairs.

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    Metal Bases

    Cast aluminum and wrought iron are practical choices, both available in a choice of finishes.

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    Fan Friendly

    Adding ceiling fans keeps you cool and discourages mosquitoes.

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