Simple Blue Backyard Party

This blue color scheme is sure to be a hit at your next party.

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    Tables Made Easy

    Forget about fancy -- when you go with an simple but modern Asian-inspired theme, creating a dashing setting for entertaining is easy.

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    Creative Flowers

    Asian-inspired foods are the theme for this casual bash. For a centerpiece, convert dark blue takeout containers into vases for a mass of white carnations that hint at fluffy mounds of rice.

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    The Dish

    For a unique twist on an old standby, set pretty blue tea lights in assorted styles of white porcelain dipping dishes and arrange them on a wooden try made for serving sushi. Your guests will love the light fare.

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    Ties That Bind

    A blue tablecloth turns the table into a serene backdrop for everyday white dishes. Fashion a creative napkin holder from rope and chopsticks. Loop a length of cording through two or three decorative stone disks, wrap it around a napkin, and then loosely tie it around a pair of chopsticks or a fork.

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    Corner Weights

    To keep the tablecloth from blowing in the wind, add corner weights by tying a heavy stone disk (available at beading stores) onto a frog closure (found at crafts stores). Then, glue the frog closure to a metal clip.

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    Flavor Favor

    Tins of tea make for the perfect Asian-theme party favor. Decorate small tins with decorative contact paper. Fill with tea bags or loose tea leaves. Then, add labels showcasing the variety of tea. Tie a mini tea scoop to the arrangement with some white cord.

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    Shady Ladies

    Plant a container garden of paper "trees" to add decorative flair to your entry. Fill buckets, planting pots, or even plastic wastebaskets with sand and top with stones to anchor paper parasols. Choose a simple arrangement of one parasol per container or, for a blooming effect, plant multiple parasols in a rainbow of hues in a single bucket.

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