Sleeping with Summer

Toile fabric in lavender and mint creates an arborlike effect in a master bedroom.

The design of this master bedroom began with an Oriental toile fabric in unusual shades of mint green and lilac. The beautiful fabric was applied to the soaring ceiling, from where it drops a foot or so down the walls to intersect with crisp white paneling. The toile canopies the room in sweet color and prevents it from feeling uncomfortably lofty. For visual unity, the toile is repeated as an accent fabric on pillow shams and lines the underside of a checked coverlet. (The checked fabric and geometric trim add a more masculine balance to the room.)

Many of the vintage furnishings -- including the bed, bedside table, and bench -- are painted cottage white and trimmed with mint-hued paint. The mint gives definition to the finials and decorative shapes on the furniture. Green also is included among the rainbow hues in the stained-glass window that hangs above the bed on a metal dowel. Iron cherubs caddying bouquets of flowers flank the stained glass for a one-of-a-kind focal point.

The tall, elegantly molded windows receive the simplest of dressings with a white scalloped shade. Vintage plates bring a splash of green to the window wall. A crystal chandelier adds a touch of shimmer to the ceiling, and a sunflower-patterned area rug adds a garden touch to the hardwood floor.

One corner of the bedroom is furnished in purely feminine style, anchored by a new needlepoint rug covered with wildflowers. The seat cushion on a delicate French chair is covered in lavender check, and the back is treated to a hand-painted monogram. Beside the chair, a small table is draped with a lace skirt. The sprightly summer decor in the bedroom is reinforced by a gathering of leafy houseplants in natural wicker baskets.


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