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Pure Style: White Accessories

Put these light looks to work for you.

No matter what your style, you can brighten any decor with beautiful white touches. Try these easy projects for an inspiring, light new look.

Button Wreath

Turn antique buttons into a welcoming decoration.

Assemble all those antique buttons you've been saving to make a charming wreath. Purchase a straw wreath form and a small amount of white fabric, preferably one with a loose weave, such as muslin. Cover the wreath in fabric to determine the amount you'll need. Then, remove the fabric and sew on buttons in different sizes and shapes, varying thread colors and using thin ribbon to attach some. Re-cover the wreath with the button-covered fabric.

Create a striking lamp from three lamp shades.

Create a standout bedside lamp with this bright idea. First, adhere white round stickers randomly to the outside of three 7-inch linen lampshades.

Lay a shade on a large piece of sheer art paper. Rolling the shade as you go, trace its entire top and bottom. You should end up with a U shape. Cut out the art paper, position it on the shade to make sure it fits, then attach with spray adhesive. Repeat with remaining shades. Using crafts glue, glue the three shades together; let dry. Remove harp from top and bottom shades; position shade on lamp using the middle harp.

These lights say aloha.

Make a special centerpiece with groceries from the local market and supplies from the craft store.

Using a hand saw, cut coconuts in two (make one side larger). Drain milk, and scoop out meat with a heavy spoon. Melt candle wax (found at crafts stores). Be sure and melt wax in a double boiler. Never melt wax directly in a pan over heat. Fill large coconut sections, and insert wicks. Cool until set. Arrange candles and coconut tops in a glass bowl filled with black-eyed peas.


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