How to Apply a Wall Stamp

Give an edge to your walls with this geometric stamping technique.

What You Need

Four 8x10-inch sheets of crafts foam, 3/8 inch thick
Utility knife or scissors
Four plastic plates
4 pints of coordinating acrylic paint
1 quart of clear acrylic mixing glaze
Four sponge brushes
Paper towels
Latex or nitrile gloves

Step 1

Gather materials. Draw four identical shapes on the crafts foam using a pen and straightedge. We used diamonds, but you could use any simple, repeatable shape. Cut out shapes with a utility knife or scissors.

Tip: If you're concerned about keeping your design on a grid, use a level, straightedge, and pencil to draw a few light guidelines on the wall every 12-18 inches.

Step 2

Set out plates on a covered work surface. On a plate pour about 3 tablespoons of paint (one color per plate). Add 1 tablespoon of mixing glaze to each plate. Use sponge brushes to mix the paint and glaze.

Step 3

Set a foam shape on a paper towel. Moisten a sponge brush with water, dip it in the paint mixture, and brush on one side of a foam shape. Brush all strokes in the same direction.

Step 4

Wipe excess paint off the edge of the shape with a wet paper towel, then turn it over and press the shape onto the wall (we used a piece of poster board to test our stamp first), making sure all parts of the shape contact the surface.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 using another foam shape and paint color. Press the shape onto the wall (we used a piece of poster board to test our pattern first), overlapping a portion of the previously stamped shape.

Step 6

Load each shape with a different color, and continue stamping and layering shapes until your design is complete.

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