How to Paint Stunning Stripes

Here's the step-by-step instruction on painting your walls with pretty stripes. Don't miss the tips and tricks section and our additional color suggestions as well.
finished room with green and blues stripes

In a sophisticated tone-on-tone color scheme or delightfully bright circus-tent colors, stripes add quick interest to plain walls. A steady hand and the proper brush yield a charming hand-painted look. Taping lends the feel of precision, with a crisp line.

The possibilities are seemingly endless when striping a wall. Don't miss our alternate colors and advice as well as the step-by-step photos and instructions. You'll be striping it rich in no time!

Green can of paint Top coat: Spirit Whisper, 420A-2

The soft shades of green and blue are minty sweet. A blue base coat (Fountain Sprout) provides one stripe; green (Spirit Whisper) forms a second for a pattern that looks more complex than it is.

These stripes are hand-painted along a pencil line to give them a slightly imperfect edge. For a straight line, use painter's tape to mask off the stripes. For bolder stripes, choose brighter colors or a pair with more contrast.

Tone-on-tone variations of the same hue give a wall a subtle, classic look. The sheen also can vary, with one stripe flat and the other glossy.

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