Paint Projects

Whether it's a new wall color or a fresh coat of paint on a tired piece of furniture, paint can instantly transform any space in your home into a work of beauty. We'll teach you how to add a personal touch to your rooms with decorative paint projects for your walls, furniture, linens, and more. Start by taking our color personality quiz to learn which hues best suit your decorating style and to receive customized tips that will teach you how to effectively use the hue you've been matched with. After that, browse through our array of simple do-it-yourself projects to see how easy it can be to transform your space with paint and color. We have plenty of creative paint ideas that you can use to update your entire home, from the front door to the interior walls to the backyard. We also have plenty of tricks that you can use to give all of your home accessories -- such as window blinds, bed linens, and furniture -- a quick and budget-friendly style update with paint. Our easy projects and expert tips are sure to inspire you to create a space that's filled with personality and style.


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Add Color!

Get inspiration and helpful tips for adding color to your home with paint.

Wall Ideas

Go beyond solid color and try one of these amazing ideas on your walls.

Accessory Updates

Refresh everyday accessories with these simple paint projects.

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Paint Projects