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Get simple how-tos, expert advice, and must-read tips for choosing the right paint and supplies to make any paint project a success. Learn proper preparation techniques for interior, exterior, and other surfaces. Patch and repair drywall, protect trim and molding, and seal windows. Get expert tips on applying painter's tape and the best paint applicators to use for a specific paint project. Have you wanted to try painting stripes? Take a look at our instructions for decorative painting projects to learn helpful tips and tricks. Our color palettes, selected by experts, allow you to try a no-fail paint scheme in your space. And if you want to see what a particular color, or colors, looks like in your room, upload a photo to our My Color Finder tool and try out as many colors as you like without ever opening a paint can. Learn to paint more than just walls, too. Check out our tips on how to paint flooring, exteriors, brick, vinyl, metal, glass, concrete, plastic, and other surfaces. Read about safety concerns when using paint, and follow our tips for safely dealing with lead paint to avoid contamination.


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Painting Made Easy

Paint like a pro with this step-by-step how-to.

Add Color!

Get our best ideas and projects for adding color with paint!

DIY Projects

Get creative with paint in your home decor.

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Paint Basics
  • Interior Paint Tips

    Paint can transform any interior space. Learn the tricks to a successful paint job with these twelve pointers.

  • How to Paint a Wall: Top Tips

    Bring a little color to your walls with paint. Learn the secrets to success that will make your painting look fabul...

  • 25 Things to Know About Paint

    From paint brush advice to color consultations, here is a must-read list of what you want -- and need -- to know ab...

  • 7 Things to Know About Paint

    If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind a good paint job, wonder no more: products, prep, and application.

  • Get Ready to Paint

    Never stop a paint project mid-stream anymore, with guidelines to help you prep well.

  • How to Paint Any Surface

    Beyond walls, there are a variety of surfaces that adapt well to paint. Here are some inspiring surface ideas.

  • How to Paint (Just About) Anything

    Not all paint jobs require the same technique or tools. Here’s helpful advice to guide you through.

  • How to Repair Small Holes in Plaster

    Fixing small plaster holes is a DIY task you can master, thanks to expert advice.

  • How to Use a Paint Pad

    There are many different paint techniques for the home, including using a paint pad. One expert offers helpful inst...

  • Must-Know Painting Tips

    Great looks and maximized effort should be the goal of every paint job. Here are some tips to guide you.

  • Paint 101

    Color and technique are the basis of any sound paint project.

  • Paint Source Guide

    Use our guide to help you find sources to help you with your home paint projects.

  • Painting Step-by-Step

    Follow these helpful steps for less stress and more success during your next paint project.

  • Prepare to Paint

    Painting is mostly about prep. Here’s how to do most of the work beforehand and make painting even easier.

  • Your Guide to Painting Tools

    The right tool for the right job makes everything easier – and that includes painting.

  • How to Use Color Swatches to Pick Paint Colors

    Color choices are often confusing. Follow these steps to make it simpler, and so you love your final paint hues.

  • Choosing Wall Paint Color

    What color should you paint your walls? Find help with these ideas and advice.

  • Tips for Using Spray Paint

    Spray paint is handy technique that can be simpler. But it does have its drawbacks, too. Find out how to sidestep t...

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