Paint Tricks

Put these ideas to work for you.
Brush Up Tips

Easy Paint Stripper

Whey you are stripping paint from woodwork or furniture, give this tip a try. Cover the wood with paint remover, then cover that area with a sheet of waxed paper. After letting it set overnight, peel away the waxed paper and the paint will come off with it.

Pat Plant Michigan

Pin Those Table Legs

When painting a table or chair, put pushpins into the bottom of each leg to allow you to paint the legs without getting paint on the floor.

Susan Smith New Jersey

Step-by-Step Painting

Next time you paint stairs, try painting every other tread. You'll be able to use the unpainted steps while you wait for the others to dry.

Partice Wagner Missouri

Sand Stops Falls

Painted wooden steps can be slippery when wet. Next time you paint, thoroughly mix a cup or two of fine sand into the paint before you apply it. The rough surface will help stop spills.

B. Barauskas Michigan

Fan-cy Protector

If you need to paint the ceiling but have a ceiling fan, relax. You don't have to go to the trouble of taking the fan blades off. Instead, cover them with the plastic bags that protect your newspapers and shoppers from rain. They're a perfect fit and protect the blades from paint drips.

Josephine Krug Illinois

Less-Mess Paint Can

As soon as you open a can of paint, punch a few holes in the drip channel with a hammer and nail. Paint won't fill the channel and drip over the edge. This doesn't prevent the lid from resealing.

Sam Yoder Massachusetts

It's In the Bag

Disposable paint roller sleeves that are used once and thrown away can be neatly discarded by using a paper or plastic bag as a "mitten" to pull the sleeve from the frame. Fold the bag over the wet sleeve for easy and clean disposal.

Victor LaMoy New York

Picture Perfect Shutters

If you can't decided what color to paint your shutters, try this trick to help you visualize new possibilities. First, photograph your home's exterior. When you get the pictures back, cut out the shutters with a utility knife. Now take the "shutterless" photo to the paint store and lay it on color samples until you find one you like.

Jolene Kishart New York

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