Furniture Buying Guides

Fill your home with the furniture and accessories that will suit your life and your style. Do you need a couch that's cushy and soft and ideal for entertaining? How about a small love seat to place in front of a window? Simplify your search for the perfect furniture by using our helpful tips and tricks. Read our buying guides for beds, dining room tables, and more. Plus, learn how to properly care for the pieces you already own to keep them looking as good as new despite years of use. Start by reading through our furniture glossary to learn the terms you'll likely hear as you begin shopping. Then browse through our helpful furniture buying guides to learn the ins and outs of every style of furniture, from upholstered couches to wooden tables to leather chairs. Check out our helpful bed-buying guide to help you find the bed frame, mattress, and bedding that will suit your sleeping needs and your bedroom space. Finally, use our helpful leather, wood, and upholstered furnishing care guides to ensure your furniture stays looking fresh and new even after years of use.


More Decorating Ideas & Tips For You
Ultimate Furniture Shopping Guide

Learn how to shop for indoor, outdoor, and leather furniture with these smart tips.

Furniture for Small Spaces

Make the most of tight quarters with the right furniture and the right arrangement.

Essential Pieces You'll Love Forever

Invest in these key pieces and you'll have furniture you can use in a variety of ways.

Everything in Furniture Buying Guides
Furniture Basics
  • Buying Upholstered Furniture

    Whether you're buying new or vintage upholstered furniture, keep these tips in mind for selecting quality pieces.

  • Buying Wood Furniture

    Learn more about wood furniture and the different types of wood used in furniture-making to help you learn how to s...

  • Furniture Glossary

    Browse our A-Z furniture glossary to learn about different types of furniture pieces, styles, and more.

  • Furniture Shopping 101

    Buying furniture is a big investment. Make sound purchasing decisions with these tips.

  • Ultimate Guide to Beds

    Learn about different types of beds and what to look for when you go to purchase a new mattress, box-spring, frame,...

Furnishings Care
Small-Space Furniture
  • Choosing Furniture for Small Spaces

    Learn the tips and tricks for selecting furniture that will fit perfectly in a small room.

  • Furniture for Small Bedrooms

    Sleep comfortably in a small bedroom by outfitting it with right furniture. Here's how!

  • Small-Space Sofas

    An oversized sofa can quick overtake a small living room. Learn how to pick a sofa that's the right size for a smal...

  • Small-Space Desks

    Tuck a desk into the corner of a room and you have an office. Learn how to pick the right desk for a small space wi...


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