Hand-Tied Flowers

Romance your home with European hand-tied spiral bouquets.
A New Idea in Floral Design
Hand-Tied Flowers A floral bouquet makes a charming

Whether a few plucked flowers fresh from a meadow, a rose or two from the garden, or a bunch of blooms purchased from a florist, there is no gift more enchanting than a floral bouquet. But beyond an impromptu gift or bridal adornment, a new breed of hand-tied spiral bouquets -- originating in Europe -- has unfurled as a unique form of floral arrangement for the home.

Hand-Tied Flowers This lively blend of melon-colored
roses with blue hydrangea offers
a vibrant accent to a coffee table.

Not simply a loose, informal handful of flowers, these European hand-tied spiral bouquets are characterized by their symmetrical, circular structure, created by layering flower stems diagonally around a central point.

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