Decorating Basics

From settling on a color scheme to creating a functional floor plan, decorating your home requires lots of time and thought. Learn how to fill your home with personality and style using our helpful decorating tips, including how to arrange a room, mix patterns, find the perfect color palette, and more tips that will help you lay a basic foundation. Start by taking our color personality quiz to find your perfect color palette and to receive decorating advice tailored to your specific style. Then dive into our helpful floor plan tips and learn how to arrange furniture and accessories to their best advantage. Whether you're unsure of where to place your TV, which lighting style will best suit your space, or anything in between, we have an array of innovative ideas to ease your mind and to take the guesswork out of arranging your home. We also have the best tips and tricks for using fabrics, patterns, and textures that will transform your space from blah to beautiful. Use our handy step-by-step upholstery guide to learn how to cover every surface in your home, from furniture to walls. We'll even teach you how to effectively mix patterns to give your home a boost of style and fun.


More Decorating Ideas & Tips For You
Create Your Look

Here's how to tackle the big decorating hurdle of pulling a look together.

Color Schemes

Learn how to pick a color scheme using our best tips and tricks.

Easy Arranging

Take the guesswork out of furniture arrangements. Use our free planning tool.

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Decorating Basics
Room Layouts
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Decorating How-Tos


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