In the Garage

Put these tidy tips to work for you.

Clever Towel Holder

Keep the roll of paper towels that's stored in a wall-hung holder in the garage from blowing in the wind. Attach a chain with a bathtub stopper to the wall above the roll. Let the stopper rest on the towel roll.

Ed Dickman California

Garden Hose Storage

Here is an inexpensive way to store your garden hose. Use screws to mount the bottom of an empty five gallon plastic paint bucket (you can buy one at most paint stores) to the wall of your garage or shed. Now wrap the hose around the bucket.

Monica Doyle Pennsylvania

Oil-Free Garage

Keep your garage floor free from oil stains with this inexpensive idea. Fill and old cookie sheet with cat litter and slide it under your car (use two if you want to cover more area). When the litter is saturated, dispose of it properly and add some new litter.

Organize Your Garage

You can keep your garage organized with the help of a hanging, plastic shoe holder. Simply place garden tools, sports equipment, cleaning supplies, and other items in each shoe pocket.

Barbara Bates Florida

A Brassy Solution

Do your outdoor brass light fixtures tend to get dull and pitted? To keep them looking new, apply clear-coat car wax to the brass about once a year. This simple treatment will seal out rain and ultraviolet rays which break down the factory coating applied to exterior brass fixtures.

Diane Medeiros Rhode Island

Deodorize Your Trash

Toss a couple handfuls of powdered laundry detergent into the bottom of garbage cans to repel insects and control odors.

Shirley Secord Michigan