Gallery Wall Ideas to Copy ASAP

Although gallery walls have been trending for awhile, there's no need for your own art collection to feel stuck in the same old rut. These configurations showcase stylings that break away from what's been done before, yet are just as simple to recreate -- whatever your setup or budget.

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  • Neutrals Feel Natural

    In the past, on-trend "anything-goes" gallery walls have had the tendency to feel a bit overwhelming. It's easy to combat the chaos by choosing, instead, to run with nothing but neutrals. Here, a collection of black, white, and wood-toned pieces feels cohesive and modern.


  • Gallery Wall Challenge

    We challenged three bloggers to create a gallery wall in a short amount of time. Watch the video to see their creations.

  • A Delightful Distraction

    Today's updated gallery walls are an excellent way to distract from less-than-ideal must-haves in a space -- like a television. Just don't go overboard with the overall design of the space. Keep the rest of the room based in neutrals, as seen here with the simple white drapes and neutral wall color -- they help to balance the bold artwork.


  • Old Made New

    While the setup of your gallery wall often drives the aesthetic appeal of the design, the art itself is something to carefully consider. This collection of vintage pieces pairs playfully with new ones for a look that feels fresh and modern. To break up the hard lines, consider taking another cue from this gallery, and add in round plates and other whimsical accessories.


  • Angular Arrangement

    Although cramped quarters and awkward spaces can make it impossible to hang a large, rectangular piece of art, a gallery wall can aid against your struggle. Simply take a hint from this staircase lined gallery. Hang your artwork in a stair stepped set-up to mimic the angle of the wall.                      

  • Make It Flow

    Think outside the box when hanging your next gallery wall collection. Although hallways and blank walls are natural areas to pin up art in a home, consider other places, like above your headboard or even above the commode. By situating the framed pieces in a free-flowing format around furniture and fixtures, they seamlessly integrate into your surroundings.

  • Maximize Minimalism

    Admittedly, gallery walls by nature pack major visual impact because of their scale and the layered subject matter. That said, you can keep the look feeling light, bright, and airy simply by limiting your color palette and keeping the surrounding furniture and accessories minimalistic. Choose white frames and decor so your gallery wall ultimately feels contemporary and cool.


  • Floor to Ceiling

    Why not take things to an entirely new level of novel with your next gallery wall project? By hanging pieces in a tight floor-to-ceiling configuration, this complex composition begs to be browsed. It's a great solution for those who have an extensive art collection that would otherwise be collecting dust in storage. 


  • Mix Large and Little

    There's been a bit of a misconception that large scale art should remain separate from small scale art collections. Nonetheless, there's visual power in the pairing. Extra-large 40-inch framed pieces can sit nicely alongside tiny 8-by-10-inch pieces. To ensure balance, just make sure to limit both your color palette and frame styles. 


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    Supersize Your Art

    Even if budget is tight, you can still enjoy the fun effects of a gallery wall. Add contemporary appeal to the trend by limiting your art to just three or four large-scale pieces. This maximizes the impact of your small collection, yet keeps costs low as you'll only need a few prints or photos to ace the look.


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    Cornered Arrangement

    Don't hesitate to put your artwork in the corner. A wrap-around configuration, like this pair of framed prints, gives interest to an otherwise unassuming piece of wall space in this bedroom. The chunky cream mats and pretty metallic frames also offer a tiny reprieve from the rich, super saturated wall color.

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    A Hint Of The Unexpected

    If you're looking to add a clever edge to a standard gallery wall, try hanging one unexpected piece to break up the uniformity. In this art collection, a hand painted letter C brings a hint of whimsy to the otherwise all-white-framed grouping.


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    Tighten the Configuration

    A common mistake in galleries is in the spacing between frames. Instead of giving the pieces a wide berth, tighten the configuration so that the individual artworks read almost as one large composition. It also helps to up the wow-factor of the art itself, as is the case here in this collection of cheeky candy-adorned art. 


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