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Decorate with Handmade Wreaths

Enjoy crafted wreaths made from natural elements and crafts store finds.


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    • Autumn Wreath

      Strip leaves from bittersweet vines and Chinese lantern stems. Bend and twist the vines into a circle. Wrap vines circle around a wire wreath form, then tuck in Chinese lanterns. Secure stems or loose pods with dots of hot glue. To preserve its color, hang the wreath away from bright light and heat.

    • Miniature Pumpkins Wreath

      Tiny white pumpkins, found with other common fall gourds, cover a straw wreath. Secure pumpkins on the wreath with glue. Fill the open spaces with pistachios. The wreath serves as an elegant centerpiece in even the most casual setting.

    • Festive Flowers

      Dazzle dinner guests with wreath-festooned chairs. Place holiday-hue flowers in florist vials, and tuck the vials into a twig wreath base. Use wire to attach miniature ball ornaments. Tie the wreath to the chair back with crisscrossed lengths of ribbon.

    • Pretty and Natural Wreath

      Combine elements from nature to create this beautiful wreath perfect for displaying on your mantel, wall, or door.

    • Wreath of Leaves

      Welcome guests with an easy-to-make leaf wreath. Fresh leaves or pliable dried ones from a crafts store work best. Cut a slit in the center of each leaf with small scissors; you can cut several at once. String the leaves onto a wire wreath form until full. Hang with pretty ribbon.

    • Pretty Ribbon Wreath

      Gather an abundance of ribbon and fabric in autumn hues to make a nature-inspired "leafy" wreath.

    • Photo-Embellishments Wreath

      Show off lovely photos of friends and family. Add black-and-white photos and rub-on phrases to chipboard circles, then attach them to a wreath as desired.

    • Autumn Elements Wreath

      Grab up all those natural fall elements -- leaves, flowers, and pinecones -- to create a warm and inviting fall wreath. Start with a purchased wire wreath form and tuck in brown leaves, pinecones, and mums and yarrow in vibrant shades of red and yellow. Use hot glue as needed to keep pieces in place.

    • Green Gourds and Leaves

      For a departure from traditional fall wreaths, create one with miniature gourds and leaves all in green. Gather small gourds and green maple leaves. Using a long, fine bit, drill through the back of each gourd. Wire the gourds to a round straw wreath form. Hot-glue leaves where straw is showing.

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      Picture Frame Wreath

      Back a weathered frame with chicken wire as the canvas for colorful finds. Glue or wire real or silk leaves, bittersweet vines, berries, and cattails to the wire or frame.

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      Red Carnations Wreath

      Red carnations ring simple hurricanes in a series of tabletop wreaths. For each one, soak a floral foam wreath in water, then place it on a plate several inches larger in diameter. Clip carnation stems, and insert the blossoms into the foam wreath. Add white ornaments if desired.

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      Cotton Snowball Wreath

      Use cotton balls to mimic little snowballs on a rectangle wreath. Add a mound of cotton balls to a foam frame. Attach blue beads and a bow for a beautiful effect.

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      Quick Tallowberry Wreath

      Start with a purchased tallowberry wreath. Put fresh greens behind the wreath, securing them to the form with U-shape floral pins or wire. Keep the shape casual and a bit irregular to contrast with the tallowberries.

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      Quick and Simple Leaf Wreath

      For a quick, simple fall dinner party wreath, head to the backyard for beautifully shaped leaves. Press them flat, then attach them to the wall in an oval shape with double-stick tape.

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      Twigs and Corncobs

      Stockpile favorite fall elements to spice up a regular wreath form. Glue on twigs, corncobs, fruit, and plant materials as desired. Use leftover fall favorites to create a banner for the front door.

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      Huckleberry Wreath

      A swirl of delicate huckleberry branches distinguishes this festive red wreath.

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      Moss-Covered Wreath

      Purchase an inexpensive moss-covered wreath. Add twigs; favorite flowers, such as fresh Ranunculus; and a few pretty complementing ornaments. To keep the flowers fresh, put them in floral vials and hide the vials in the moss.

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      Starfish Wreath

      Use a plastic foam wreath and natural starfish available at crafts stores. Spray the wreath and starfish white; let dry. Lay flat, and glue the starfish to the wreath. For added sparkle, brush the starfish with a mixture of half glue and half water, then sprinkle with glitter.

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      Purple Hydrangea Wreath

      Cut hydrangea stems to a shorter size. Weave them around and through a grapevine wreath until the wreath is full. Hydrangeas look beautiful dried, so this wreath will last a long time.

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      Sweet Annie Wreath

      Wrap and glue bunches of dried sweet Annie to a wire wreath form. For variety, add other dried flowers to this pleasant-smelling wreath.

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      Felted-Wool Folk Art Wreath

      Vibrant colors pop from this framed wool wall hanging. Black pearl cotton blanket stitches give each piece texture and lend an overall folk art appearance.

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      Pearl Wreath

      Add glamour to a doorway with a pearl-studded wreath. Start with a purchased foam ring, cover it with satin ribbon, then glue on crafts store pearls.

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      Pinecones and Bells Tabletop Wreath

      For a holiday centerpiece, glue gold jingle bells and little pinecones to a moss-covered plastic wreath form. Play with patterns like the stripes of gold bells pictured here.

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      Rectangle Leaf Wreath

      Stray from the ordinary with a magnificent rectangular wreath. Houseguests will be mesmerized at the sight of shiny galax leaves.

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      Colorful Letters Wreath

      A purchased plain wreath can be instantly personalized with little wood letters -- perfect for any holiday.

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      Evergreen and Grapes

      To get away from the typical evergreen holiday wreath, add artificial champagne grapes. The greenery will last all season in a cool area.

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      Magnolia Leaves and Fruit Wreath

      Use fresh magnolia leaves, fruits, and in-shell nuts for a fresh and colorful holiday wreath. This Southern-inspired wreath will make any doorway stand out.

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      Natural Twig Wreath

      In this natural creation, branches from the yard are bound together to form a wreath. Smaller twigs soften the overall effect. The clip-on bird ornaments stay with the theme.

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