Creative Ways to Display Your Collectibles

Show off your treasured collections with these simple ideas.

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    Out-of-the-Ordinary Display

    The bathroom may seem like an odd place to show off your collection, but don't take it out of the running. A line of vintage wood animals sits atop a bathroom shelf, setting an adorable and classic theme.

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    Family Memories

    Display family photos on a collection of plates, platters, and vintage mirrors. To get this look, make copies of vintage photos, then use double-side tape to attach them to your vintage finds. That will ensure you will not ruin your original photos or classic antiques.

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    Sand Savvy

    Treasure vacation memories by bringing home sand from beach visits, then create sand jars. Line your cabinets with the sand collection and top it off with tags to remind you of each trip.

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    Stamp It

    Don't hide stamp collections in boxes -- instead frame them into a unique piece of art.

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    Show Off

    Create an art gallery in your own home with vintage art. Use kraft paper to map out the perfect spot for each piece before hanging it. The gallery look also works well in long hallways.

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    New Life

    Put your vintage finds to work like we did here with an old Coca-Cola tin turned into a unique planter.

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    Sheepish Display

    A display of German putz sheep toys hangs above this guest bed, giving the room classic character.

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    Retro Retrieval

    Some collections are harder to show off than others, like this collection of vintage sunglasses. By stacking and hanging them off of this vintage stool they became a piece of unique art.

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    Gussy Up the Garden

    Put collections to work like this set of watering cans. When they aren't on watering duty they can be placed throughout the garden as country-inspired decor.

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    Classic Storage

    Vintage letterpress cabinets are an ideal way to feature a classic find in your home and offer tons of storage. The super-skinny drawers are the perfect place to stash trinkets and accessories.

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    Treasure Shelves

    If you have pieces with varying sizes such as this collection of vintage sewing machines, a bookcase is a great place to show them off.

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