Amazing Vases

Pick the right container to give your flowers maximum impact.
Short and Stout

Picking the wrong vase is a sure way to wither a fresh flower arrangement. Here are some expert tips for pairing the right vessel with the right bouquet:

Shallow, bowl-shaped containers are a good choice for tables where you want to see over the arrangement. Many types of vessels can work, from soup bowls to sherbet glasses and coffee cups. Short-stemmed blossoms, such as violets, impatiens, and begonias, are best suited for these containers. To create a rounded arrangement, cut floral foam so that it fits inside the container and rises an inch or so above the top. Crisscross floral tape to hold the foam in place. Insert some flowers at an angle pointing down so that they overlap the edge.

Tip: To camouflage floral foam in a glass vase, line the container with moss or broad, flat foliage, such as these tulip leaves, before inserting the water-soaked foam.

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