Flowers for Drying

Summer never fades when you air-dry garden blooms to preserve them for year-round display.
Getting Started

The best flowers for drying are everlastings, a special group of annuals that can be air-dried without losing their color or form.

Dried flowers are the basic materials for dried wreaths, bouquets, and potpourris. For variety in color, texture, and fragrance, grow a mix of flowers and foliage plants. Following are photographs and descriptions of eight garden flowers that dry beautifully.

Lavender Lady Gomphrena

Despite heat and drought, the cloverlike flowers of gomphrena (globe amaranth) bloom nonstop on stiff, 2-foot-tall stems.

Strawberry Fields Gomphrena

The first true red gomphrena, this hybrid retains its color indefinitely in a bouquet. Also available are yellow, pink, and white varieties; the dwarf purple strain, Buddy; and a deep pink and white bicolor bloom.


Statice comes in a rainbow of hues, including yellow, blue, lavender, red, salmon, white, and rose. Cut blooms when fully open. Flowers dry best hung upside down.

German Statice

Unlike the everblooming annual, perennial statice (Limonium tatarica) blooms only in early summer. But the broad, white flower heads are worth the effort.

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